Friday, May 4, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 21

This is a rest day! I decided not to walk since I am so exhausted today. I may do some abs and arms work, but that's about it. I'm looking forward to my morning walk tomorrow and I think that's good. Finally I'm not dreading getting out there!

Our day was fun, still taking a bit of a break from homeschool. We had tickets for a Schoolhouse Rock musical this morning and the kids loved it. The cast was full of children, ages K through high school so mine were inspired. I have received constant reminders from my kids to check the theater's website for opportunities for them to join the fun. Sigh. I know I should be happy that they are interested, but my brain just freezes on one thought: another commitment, somewhere else to go, somewhere else to be other than home. I will be glad for this summer break like no other year before!

I finally updated my knitting projects page. Check it out. I haven't listed anything else on Etsy, yet, due to lack of time and the desire for better photos. This is another project on my agenda for summer.

I also updated my Reading List page, slow going so far. I am hopeful I can make it to 100! This will be the summer of Me! I joined a Read to 100 challenge on GoodReads (come find  me!) and it said I was 33 books behind. That's about double what I've read so far, not too bad considering I like reading mysteries and shorter books. I do have some chunky ones on my shelf, like The Pillars of the Earth, but I supplement those with Hillerman and Grafton mysteries. Join me in reading to 100!

So I'm going to put my feet up now and just relax into this Friday night. I hope you have a good one!

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