Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 23

We've changed the dates of our vacation. We are leaving one week sooner than planned. That really messed with my Be Sore, Not Sorry Countdown! I lost a week, so today is now Day 23. I have 22 days left to get in shape, drop some weight, before we go. I think I can, I think I can!

This week I have walked 9 miles! I changed my daily goal from 2 miles to 3 miles and added an abs/arms workout, too. I am staying away from the scale, far away! Every time I get on that thing, I am disappointed. I can tell I'm losing a little weight because my face and arms definitely look less puffy. I feel better! Counting calories is not too bad. I'm back on dinner duty so that's been healthier, too. Or at least, if I  know dinner is going to be a calorie fest, I eat light during the day. Not too bad.

The hardest part is just getting out there and kicking some asphalt. Yep, still a struggle. If I had a walking buddy, it would be easier, but the only walking group in this area is listed under the Senior section of the Parks and Rec catalog. I thought about meeting up with them for a minute, but DH has forbidden me from joining. (I said, Hey, I'll be the young hottie in the group! He just rolled his eyes.) Most days I like to get my miles in early in the day, which means rolling out of bed and out the door. I have discovered the key to this is laying out my clothes the night before. What a mental charge that is in the morning!

I am stumbling blearily to the bathroom, telling myself I'll walk later, I need a shower, I need my coffee. I'll walk later, later, later. (That's an echo if you can't tell.) But you know what happens? I don't. Or I feel it hanging over me all day so I do it, but I'm bitter and angry, which is not a great way to walk. However, if I see those clothes there, smiling at me, wanting to hug my body and keep me warm in the cool morning air, I tell myself, You need to EARN that shower, girl! And I do.

I try to remember to get those clothes out every night! I at least stuff my socks into my shoes. Sometimes that's all it takes.

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