Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 3

It seems like just yesterday I started this Be Sore, Not Sorry campaign for myself, and here it is at three days left. This time flew by!

I logged all my mileage on Daily Mile, which is a fabulous support system for anyone who moves. I made new friends who gave me support and encouragement every day. Today I looked at my training report for May and thought there had to be a mistake. Did I really walk 68 miles in May? No way! But, there were all my miles, day after day, adding up to 68. Daaaaaang! That's awesome! Since Sunday, I have been adding extra miles to my 3 miles a day to get a boost since I won't be able to walk for two days this weekend. That will get me up to 78.

You know me, I love meeting a goal. I wondered, I pondered, I entertained the notion of 100 miles. Could I do it this month? Would it be possible to hit 100 miles in one month? Now, realistically I cannot do it in May. There isn't enough time and I certainly don't want to make myself, and my family, miserable trying to squeeze it in on vacation. So, I let it go for this month. But next month...I believe I have my new walking goal: 100 miles in June. Join me!

Walking is getting boring. I've lost some inches and even some pounds. Yes, I weighed myself and felt successful for once. The numbers have moved a smidge lower. Now as much as I expected, but I can honestly say I gave it my all. I digress. Walking is getting boring. I'm looking for a more intense workout, something to tone the rest of me. I am choosing between the Insanity Workout or P90x, both incredibly intense workouts. The workouts are about 40 minutes a day, not an unreasonable commitment. I am really excited for this!

The final help in this quest to be healthy is an app called Lose It! that was suggested by someone on DM. I set my weight loss goal and date I want to achieve it by, and the app set a daily calorie budget. Then, I enter all the food I eat throughout the day, selecting from the vast database of food choices in the app or creating my own. I also enter my exercise and get credit for calories burned. I highly recommend this app! It has made a huge difference in my eating habits already.

I feel good. I am moving every day and eating a healthy diet. Fresh air, sunshine, and sweat, my perfect combination for happiness!

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