Friday, May 18, 2012

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 6

Three miles, check. This week’s total so far is 15 miles. Whew! I have a few pounds I want to drop before we leave. Can I do it? I have 6 days. I’m going to try.

I started using this great app called Lose it to keep track of my calorie intake. This app is really cool. You enter your current weight and also your weight loss goal. You choose a timeframe. The app then calculates what your daily caloric intake should be, a daily budget of calories. So for each meal, you enter what you ate and the app subtracts the calories from your daily budget. There is a preprogrammed list of foods, and also the option to create your own food. It’s been eye-opening and mouth-closing.

I am amazed at how many calories are in foods I think are healthy! Yesterday I totally blew it at lunch, eating mostly veggies, which I thought were okay. Apparently you are not supposed to eat the WHOLE avocado. Who knew? So I went over my daily budget yesterday. Today I resolved to check the calories BEFORE I ate and I think that works better.

For instance, I plan on getting a boba drink tonight so I entered it this morning. I’m not losing out on that treat! For lunch I decided to just drink a weight loss shake (I buy the Target brand, cheap but good) and save the majority of my calories for dinner. Since I do the cooking, you know these dinners are going to be GOOD! I am not going to eat minimally all day and then have to eat something mediocre. No way! Tonight we had pork roast with white potatoes and carrots. Delicious!

DH downloaded the app, too, which greatly pleased me since he has a weight loss goal, too. I like being able to compare and encourage each other like this! He drops weight so fast if he controls his portion size and food type. It makes me sick! He says the app is holding him accountable for what he’s eating. It’s true. My phone is helping me stick to my new healthy lifestyle. (notice I didn’t say diet)


  1. I used to use weight loss slim fast drinks, and they did help me a lot...Good reminder
    good luck to you!

  2. Kathy, I just started using weight loss drinks as a lunch meal replacement. I like the Target brand, super cold and with a straw!