Thursday, May 3, 2012

Camping With the Brownies - Post #1

Oh Em Gee, this camping experience was really something. Here's a quick list as a teaser for posts to come. I have plenty of writing material from this weekend!

Good Things
  • The troop leaders are professional campers and extremely organized.
  • The troop leaders know how to get things done.
  • I got to spend time with Princess O and get to know some of the other girls.
  • I learned a lot of tips and tricks for camping with my own family.
  • I learned how to bake cookies using a foil-lined cardboard box.

Bad Things
  • The troop leaders are anal about their camping stuff.
  • The troop leaders are control freaks.
  • I realized that I don't like many children, other than my own. 
  • Sleeping six people in a six-person tent is not possible.
  • Wearing a bra for three days straight is not good.

Gross Things
  • I saw one girl stick her hand down her pants and scratch her butt, then wipe her hand on her pants.
  • I saw one girl (not the same one) scratch her tooth then help mix the GORP with the same finger that had just been in her mouth.
  • The art of table manners has been lost.
  • No soap in the bathroom, at all, at any time, and no one asking for antibacterial hand wash.
  • A lot of the leaders of other troops had front butts and short shirts.

I was exhausted and probably would not do it again unless I had friends going, too. I was so happy to get home!


  1. ewwwww Front butts! Ive never heard that term......
    that's going to keep my off the couch today~!
    fun post

    1. Oh, Kathy, yes, front butts! When the lower half of an obese belly hangs over the waist. I don't judge people who have them, I just don't want to see it!

  2. This was hysterical to me. My late hubby and I camped for many years and I was a girl scout leader for 4 years. Camping is an acquired taste and skill for some. I HATED it at first, but grew to LOVE it. It is one of the things I miss now that my hubby is gone. My new hubby do't like the idea of camping at all and freaks out when I suggest I go alone..

    I agree with the table manners thing as I had pot lucks with both adults and kids and it just isn't like it used to be. Parents as well as kids chewing with mouths open, elbows on tables and talking over each other.

    Thanks for this article. It made me smile to recall those times and those "box" ovens!!

    1. Hi, Winnie! Thanks for visiting! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. I do love to camp, but going when I'm not in charge is a new experience.

      Camping alone?! Brave woman! Does sleeping in the car count? :D

  3. Ewww! Ha! I think I would've felt the same way about literally everything you wrote!

    1. Thanks, Heather! I knew someone could relate!

  4. *shudders* Wow! Sounds like quite ... a trip!

    1. Oh, that's one way to put it! Definitely unforgettable.