Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Road Trip Highlights

We have spent a few glorious days here at my sister's house on vacation, and have decided to extend our stay for another week. Yay! This is mostly due to a rescheduling of events regarding Professor X's football requirements, but nonetheless we are here for seven more days. DH is flying home to work the week and then will rejoin us for the drive home. But, we won't talk about that right now. 

Here are some pics from day 2 of our drive in which we passed through the Shasta Mountains (beautiful and harrowing!), zoomed through Oregon to Portland, and met up with my sister at our gracious cousin's house for a mini family reunion. The drive seemed so long that day! I know it was because we were so close and every 20 minutes everyone wanted to know where we were. At long last, we arrived at my sister's house, 9pm when it was unbelievably still light outside, and settled in for our stay. 

I saw this goblet for sale at a gas station in Oregon. A gas station! A unicorn goblet! Jigga what? This was one of several like items on a bookcase just inside the sliding doors, right next to the incredibly expensive diapers and wipes. Oookaaay. I don't know who would walk in to a gas station and decide to purchase a unicorn goblet, but, hey, that's me.

Cutest trailer ever! A trio of owls on a branch, come on! So stinkin' cute! And DH passed way too fast for me to get a good shot of the rest, but trust me, it was just as cute, lots of flowers and leaves and smaller birds. Loved it!

Driving over the bridge in WA. Beautiful.

This is the side door to my cousin's house. Notice all the signs of a gardener are present: split barrel planter, milk carton planter, lots of pots of healthy plants. A charming snapshot of her passion.


I would know this view from any direction: from my sister's backyard. Her house sits on the edge of an inlet and it is gorgeous. It is peaceful. It is gray but so colorful. It of my favorite places in the whole world, especially with a mug of hot coffee in my hand and my sister by my side. 

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