Monday, May 7, 2012

My Conversation with Tyra Banks (sort of)

If you happen to notice my Twitter feed to the right of the blog, you will see that I don't tweet consistently most of the time. I go through phases of constant tweets and intermittent tweets. Twitter is one of my favorite things, but the people around me can get a bit irritated if I tweet a play by play of what we're doing instead of staying in reality with them. Can't say I blame them. Right?

Last week while making dinner, I  had the urge to tweet. I happened to be cooking and watching reruns of America's Next Top Model, created, produced, and hosted by Tyra Banks. Do you know this show? It's so much fun to watch! There is a perfect mix of competition and drama. The personalities of the models (I use the term loosely since most of them aren't models, yet) range from naive to street smart to cutthroat. Great show, one of my favorites. However, I rarely get to watch it since some of the clothing (or lack thereof) is disturbing to my husband, also some of the content is not age-appropriate for my kids. On this particular afternoon, though, I was alone in the kitchen making dinner and there was a marathon of reruns going, all from the same cycle, which made it even better. (also, this was the cycle of the girl wearing the silver bathing suit to judging, major fashion crime!)

I didn't add those words, just thought it was funny!

I grabbed my phone while browning some beef and tweeted something like "I love watching reruns of #ANTM while I'm cooking. Maybe I should invite @TyraBanks over to help me!" something like that. A little while later, I got a reply! Can you believe that? Tyra Banks actually acknowledged my tweet by sending me a reply that went something like, "Turn that cooking time into #randomactsofmodeling time!" Whoa! I was so excited, like really more excited than was probably called for, but seriously, how crazy is that? Tyra Banks replying to my tweet made my day, my week!

For this 30-awesome, SAHM, who was looking less than fierce that day, just those few little words, that surreal nod to my existence, from a lady I admire, who is extremely successful in the style world, pumped me up. I immediately put on a fresh shirt and more mascara. For the next few hours, I drove my husband crazy by saying, "Oh, Tyra this" and "Tyra that". I was floating! (And I do realize it was probably her assistant or some other person in charge of her tweets that answered me, I do, but I'm choosing to ignore that)

A little while later, I got a tweet from @100celeb who recognizes tweeters with less than 20k followers who get a celebrity tweeter to respond to them. I earned the Tyra Banks badge. So stinkin' cool!


  1. That is awesome! I would have fallen over if she tweeted me. How fun!

  2. I think they Tyra communicae is soooo cool. I'd be hopping happy too

  3. How cool! I am also in my 30s, and I unashamedly love ANTM. I've been watching since "cycle" two, and I can't believe how off-the-wall it is sometimes. And, yes, I do know how to "smize."

    1. Hey, Jenn, you go girl! ANTM is so much fun to watch, those cray girls! Go make some #RandomActsofModeling today!