Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After an extremely long day of driving, day two of the road trip home, we arrived at our house this afternoon. Finally!

I miss my sister already. We asked ourselves, how did this happen that we live so far away from each other? Nothing replaces a sister, a really great sister, I mean. We spent a glorious two weeks together enjoying early morning coffee and afternoons of activities and letting the kids play. Our children are all very close in age, separated by months really, and they get along very well. Such a blessed time!

And it seems to be over too quickly. So here I am back home, a place I love to be, wishing that tomorrow morning would be spent at her kitchen table with a mug of hot coffee and sister chatting. Back to reality.

I have lots of plans and goals for this summer. Do you? My Etsy shop is still just bare bones, something I mean to remedy this month. My stack of knitting magazines is spilling over, full of my notes and ideas for projects. I found several paperbacks to get my Read to 100 list growing. While I did walk/run while on vacation, I made a significant exercise discovery. Roller skating burns way more calories than running! We spent two fun nights going around and around to groovy music and during each 90 minute session I burned almost 1,000 calories! This requires some investigation and perhaps a purchase of some skates. Also, I'm dedicating myself to at least three miles of walk/run every day and adding a cardio workout every other day. I am so sick of being overweight. It's time to kick it up a notch!

It's good to be home. I just miss my sister.

This is the tattoo I'm going to get, changing the word friend to sister.
We had this plate when we were growing up and it looks just like us.

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