Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Marvelous Pedicure Conundrum

The color matched my flip flops perfectly, love!

Don't my feet look so cute? I love the color!

I have had in my possession for the last three years, a SpaFinder gift card. The intention of the giver was for me to experience a massage since I mentioned I had never had one. Well, maybe I should have said that I have never had a desire to have a massage. I think I would like to be massaged in the privacy of my own home. I don't really want to go somewhere and remove my clothing and lay down and be rubbed with oils in a strange place. With my husband is one thing, with a stranger it's another. Right? I know, someone is going to tell me how crazy I am and that massages are wonderful. I know! A lot of my friends say that! But, it doesn't seem relaxing to me and isn't that the point of the massage, to relax? So, the short story is, I never used the gift card. Until today.

This week I have had a few hours to myself every morning while the kids were at VBS at church. I discovered the SpaFinder gift card floating around in an old purse and decided to use it for a mani-pedi. My feet were sorely in need of some TLC beyond what my foot brush in the shower could give. I found a spa in my area that accepts such gift cards and made an appointment for this morning.

This is the InStyle picture that inspired my color choice for my pedicure today.

I saw a picture in the June InStyle that had toenail polish matching the flip flop, love that! I wanted a design or flower on my toe, but the man working on my feet didn't offer one. I have always found that if it isn't offered, that probably means the person can't do it. I've had some weird-looking designs done by inexperienced hands, trust me.

The pedicure was a really good one. This man gave me the most amazing foot/leg massage, hoochie mama! I felt my arms go limp and my eyes close halfway through, bliss! He was gentle and thorough, doing all those little things that make a pedicure so wonderful. My feet are not the prettiest anymore, all that walking has taken a toll. But, this man scrubbed and buffed and massaged like my feet were precious jewels going on display. Best. Pedicure. Ever.

*** Check the comments. Thank you, Vera, for explaining how SpaFinder gift cards work. The full amount is taken by the spa you choose, not just the portion you use. The rest of the money is then rolled over into a gift card for that specific spa. Period. Even if you have $20 left like I did, you will be forced to return to that same spa to use the rest of your gift.

Thankfully, I had a great experience. I wonder, though, about people who would never return to that particular spa, who were unhappy with it. I guess they are stuck! I don't know why SpaFinder works like this, but there you go. ***


  1. I would have done the same thing...I don't think that quickly on my feet, no pun intended. if it was THAT great a pedi , you could put it towards the next pedi anyhow.

    1. Oh, I didn't think of that pun, darn it! I would totally have written it in. :)

      I agree, I will use it anyway. But, as my husband said, that guy thinks he took advantage of me. I don't think it's that important to me to let him know he really didn't.

  2. Hi There, just discovered your blog and your toes look great! I have had the same experience with Spa Finders cards. I have received them numerous times as gifts and always I end up getting the balance as a gift card to whatever salon/spa I went to. The last time was several months ago when I was far, far from home. The cashier explained to me that is how Spa Finder gift cards work...they (the spa/salon) have to take the entire amount on the card. So, bottom line, they don't work the same as a Visa gift card or AMEX gift card. Luckily I was with my SIL who will be able to use the balance later on. Vera

    1. Hi, Vera! Thanks for stopping by to enjoy the blog. Thank you so much for clarifying that SpaFinder issue for me! I really appreciate it. This was my first time using a gift card like that so I had no idea that was standard practice. Whew!

      Now I don't feel so wimpy. :)

  3. Toes look great!

    I am not sure if we have spa finder in Canada.