Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

On June 9th, we headed to the mall by my sister's house for some shopping. I knew it was Worldwide Knit in Public Day (according to my Twitter feed at least) so here I am, in the Barnes & Noble store cafe, knitting! I carried my project around in the new bag I got in Seattle, it looks like a Chinese food carton. I think it is intended as a purse since there is a mirror affixed to one of the flaps, but to me, it functions best as a carry-all for knitting. The sides are very sturdy and the curved bamboo handle hooks right over my arm. The material covering it looks like a traditional Chinese silk pattern. It was only $10! I love the effect of the knitting needles sticking out the top, too. They look like chopsticks!

Did you knit in public, too?


  1. Well you look so cute. I did knit in public today...while having a pedicure....but not on the DAY. I think I was sleeping for work..

    1. kathy, I think this is an ongoing time period, or at least different areas recognize different days. All I know is that my Twitter feed of knitters was blowing up all day about who was out knitting where. I had to participate!

      Thanks for the compliment, too. :) My niece helped me take a great pic.