Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Morning Potpourri

Good morning, friends!

Here I am enjoying my first cup of coffee, my most favorite time of the day. I love the morning hours and the morning routine. My Keurig brews my coffee while I take my chihuahua out. Having a dog is a blessing that way since I get to take in some fresh morning air and see the sun peeking over the rooftops. While I'm outside, I also send DH a text or lately, a Tango video message. Then we head back inside and I settle in to plan my day with my coffee and computer. Yes, I love the morning routine.

Do you have Tango? DH and I were attempting to use the Skype app and it was not working out, too complicated with all the sign up and details. Ugh. DH found Tango, we downloaded it, and seconds later we were video chatting. It's so fun! We can actually see each other's faces during the day now, love that! Also, he can see all the goofy expressions I am making to get a laugh. You know I need the laugh! It's a great app and you should try it if you can.

Today I am planning to knit and spend some quality time on my computer. The kids are blacked out from screen time every other day, so no one will be breathing down my neck to go on Poptropica or Webkinz. I remember being a kid and having to make my own Webkinz-ville out of shoe boxes and toys! Things are so different now. But, I know my kids will spend the day playing Legos or Barbies, which is great.

My Princess O is the most creative when it comes to making things for her Barbies. Last week, we were eating at a restaurant and the waitress brought us an extra to-go box by mistake. We were going to give it back, when Princess O snatched it and said it would make a good room for her Barbies. That's my girl! No $300 Barbie mansion for you! We could give her a really big cardboard box and she would be just as happy. I peeked at her and her little friend from down the street while they were playing Barbies the other day and one of the Barbies was being floated around in the bottom of a plastic egg. Nice. What did you play with or make things out of when you were a kid?

A quick update on the hypothyroidism. Can you believe that after being on meds for a week, I have lost two pounds? This is in addition to my regular exercise and calorie counting since May, which did nothing for my weight loss. Hooray! My energy level is way up and I feel like more pistons in my brain are firing. Things are looking good!


  1. Hooray for you!! I am delighted for you !!
    AND I love the Barbie house improv!! Atta girl raising a smart savvy atta little girl!

  2. Happy for you! Good way to start your day! Loved reading about the box and the barbies. I think boxes are one of the greatest "toys" out there, as they use their imagination and they are being repurposed. I always laugh a the holiday time when the kids are little, they were fascinated with the boxes after opening the gifts! I haven't tried Tango,glad it works for you. I use Skype to chat with my brother in OH. BUT, the only reason I do, is he is an IT guy, and set it up for me, and can "take over" my computer from there when I get lost etc. I spent another hour in the Verizon store last night trying to pick out a phone or device..Ended up with nothing. I am going back with my techy sister tonight. My cell is 10 years old and has no features. Wanted something to take to BlogHer next week..ugh. Enjoy the rest of your morning!