Monday, July 2, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

There are a few new items I've discovered recently that I just love.

Instagram - why haven't I always spent time here? I really enjoy posting my pics and seeing what else is out there. I tend to follow people who post pics of knitting, coffee, and their feet. What do you think that says about me? Ha ha!

Jergens Firming Natural Glow Lotion - I have been bothered lately by how pale my tummy is, especially now with my summer tan on my arms. But, I can't tan my tummy! Or my white behind. So, I've been using this lotion and it's amazing. It really works, making a mellow shade, nothing orange or too dark. Love!

Android - OMG I am totally loving my new Skyrocket! This phone is so much faster and bigger than my old iPhone. Big thumbs up!

Now you share. What are 3 things you love right now?


  1. Can you use Instagram with your android? I thought it was just for iphones - I want to try it out but don't have an iphone.

    3 things, hmmm...
    1. the lull in my freelance project = extra time for blogging!
    2. kids out of school - love having them home and the relaxed schedule
    3. I know you said "things"... I really do love my camera which is a point and shoot but has a mega zoom!

    1. Ann, yes! Instagram works on the Android, fabulously I might add. I am spending lots of time there, posting pics and being inspired by what I see. It's so fun!

  2. Fun question. I am in love with the spicy sausage lentil soup at Carrabba's Grill..I wish I could go there each day to have some.

    Hot bread I make from my Artisan bread cookbook (have to wait for awhile now that it is soooo hot for oven)

    Ok..and a non food item...

    My Tim Holtz Distress inks. I have 40+ ink pads and want to use them every day lately. I love that I can spray them with water and make some cool designs.

    Have a great 4th!

    1. That hot bread sounds delicious! I think you like ink the way that I like yarn. :)

      Have a great 4th, too!

  3. this is fun!

    Garret cheese/carmel popcorn mix

    Avon eye shadow of the non powder variety.....I love this stuff!

    Fans of all sorts today: Lakewood box fan on the feet/legs, sylvania blue table fan blowing on my face. Are these hot flashes or is it just a hundred outside?

    1. Avon eye shadow, yes!

      It's funny. Our weather has been cooler than usual while the other side of the country is hotter than usual. But I'm not complaining!

  4. I am still happily in the cell phone dark ages, so I am far removed from all the smart phone/instagram stuff.

    My current 3 would be:
    1-Haagen Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
    2-Thrift store shopping.
    3-Taking my son to the playground.