Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally a Diagnosis!

Hello, friends! After an extended absence, I am back. Things have been hectic lately, lots of personal stuff going on, and I have missed blogging so much. Sigh. Here is a little glimpse into what I've been dealing with the past few weeks.

What do you do when you exercise and walk and count calories, but the weight just refuses to drop? And I don’t mean those last ten pounds. No. I mean the whole 25 pound bag of fat that has attached itself to your upper body. This was the predicament I have been in since February.

Remember April? I was sick of myself. Then came May, no change in weight, and I was really sick of myself! I took action. I logged endless miles, counted calories religiously, but no change. Argh! Very, very frustrating. I tried to reboot my exercise drive this month, but honestly, I could not face the prospect of another month of sweat that would end in tears. So I went to the doctor.

I have always had a thyroid problem, always. From 2001 until 2010 I was on thyroid medication. In 2010 I developed some other issues and was taken off the medication. Big mistake. Huge. I have struggled physically and mentally ever since. But no one put it all together. Until I went to the doctor last week.

Although my blood tests are normal, as is the case with many hypothyroid sufferers, this doctor finally agreed to start my thyroid meds again based on how I am physically feeling, hooray! This is day five on the meds again and I swear I feel better already. My mind is a little clearer. I am motivated to do things, like housecleaning and cooking, that I dreaded doing lately due to an utter lack of energy.

You know me, I love to be outside. I am out exercising or with the kids daily, yet my vitamin D test was low. Jigga what? Also thyroid related! Today is day 5 of taking vitamin D supplements and I know it is helping me. Does that sound crazy? Like maybe it’s too soon for anything to really be helping me? I know, I think it does. But it doesn’t matter. I’m energized and getting the help I need to feel like my old self again.

This is a recent photo, after I kicked asphalt for two months trying to lose this weight. My whole upper body is puffy and bloated. Look at my fingers. My fingers are usually long and slender, but now they are like fat sausages and I have a hard time wearing rings. My arms are also very full of water weight, ugh! My face, well, let's let the chins speak for themselves. A puffy face is another symptom of hypothyroidism. This will stand as the Before picture, okay? I will post another one in a month and hopefully there will be a major difference.

 It’s time to kick off this weight loss goal! I have 20 pounds to lose. Two big old bags of potatoes. Tonight is my first Zumba class. I’m excited! I am going to start walking again in the evenings. I have a new fitness program on my X-Box to try. I am sticking with the “Don’t Give Up”theme, now more than ever. It has got to work this time!

What are your fitness goals right now? I know it’s hot everywhere, but get up and do something! You won’t be sorry!

Here are a couple fun pics of me and my boys, focus on these and not the one of my fat face.

Me and Professor X
Me and Mr. M - he looks like a little Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years!

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  1. Oh hooray for you for being so upbeat and positive !! I hope the thyroid issues are quickly resolved. You deserve to feel great. I should have my levels checked again, I take thyroid medication but have been lax about getting a level. THANKS!