Friday, July 6, 2012

Movie Overload - Date Night and a Couple Reviews

Last night DH and I saw the new Spiderman movie. Thursday is our standing date night. I gave him two choices, movie or food trucks. I wish he had chosen the food trucks.

Spiderman, another one? Really? Haven’t we seen this before? I know the comic book story of how Spiderman develops. That movie was already made. “The Amazing Spiderman” movie has a new young star portraying Peter Parker, a new love interest, Gwen Stacy (not MJ?!), and a villain, The Lizard. We see Uncle Ben’s demise and Peter’s guilt done differently, which I thought was okay. But, the love story is so cheesy! The way Spiderman reveals himself to Gwen is…very high school-ish, maybe that’s the intention since they are in high school, but, ah, whatever. I enjoyed seeing the villain played by the actor, Rhys Ifans, who you may know as Spike from Notting Hill. He was great! The only reason to go see this movie is the special effects. Amazing! As for the rest, I think it’s rental worthy, not theater worthy. If you need a Spiderman fix, watch the Toby Maguire and James Franco version.

 We’ve always been movie watchers. Isn’t that such an easy way to spend the weekend at home? Recently, we were using Redbox, but if you forget to return that movie, or two in our case, the dollar a day adds up quickly! We were billed $14 for our forgetfulness. Ugh! So, DH green-lighted the Pay-Per-View movie watching option.

Do you use this? It’s the best! You order the movies on your TV for about $5 and it’s a 24-hour rental. Awesome! Nothing to return! You can watch the movies over and over until the rental expires! We watched two movies this week, during the week, simply because we could. No one had to run to Blockbuster or wait in line at Redbox hoping to find what we wanted. Perfect!

We watched “Mirror, Mirror” with Julia Roberts, which I found very entertaining and even funny. The dialogue between the dwarves is hilarious! Julia Roberts played the wicked witch perfectly. I wasn’t sure how she would do in this movie since some of her other roles seemed to blend a little, like she’s always the same, you know? But she is wonderful as the egotistical, nasty, scheming queen. Who knew? There is a very creepy part of the movie where black magic produces these puppets, controlled by the mirror image Queen. I mean, it's really creepy. You should watch the movie for this part alone. I found the eyebrows on Snow White a little distracting. They’re very thick and bushy, reminiscent of Brooke Shields in the 80s. Don’t expect Oscar-worthy performances here. This is an over-the-top movie purposely and meant to be taken as such. The story is predictable, yes, but this is Snow White, folks, we all know the plot already. I suggest you watch this simply to be entertained. And if you can knit while watching, all the better! So thumbs up, a fun Saturday afternoon flick.

We watched the movie I have been anticipating for weeks. The Redbox never had it! Netflix didn’t have it! Pay-Per-View had it! Yes, that’s right, we watched “Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows.”

Have you seen Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock Holmes? Incredible. I have read a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories and RDJ comes very close to epitomizing the character in every way. Jude Law as Dr. Watson? No one could do it better! The dynamic between the two actors is electric. They fight and scheme and solve and fight. I loved it! Did you recognize Dr. Watson’s wife as Caroline Bingley from the new Pride & Prejudice? It took me a few minutes to place her. Rachel McAdams, meh. I think Holmes does better without a love interest. The movies don’t need it since there is so much plot and action pushing everything along.

The plot moves quickly and the action is superb, plenty of fistfights and explosions. I really like hearing Holmes work everything out mentally and there is a scene at the end that is unforgettable, where he goes head to head with Moriarty. Big thumbs up!

And, now, I am movie-d out. I feel like the Spiderman movie last night pushed me to my limit of sitting and watching long stories. I think I will head to the library today and remedy my brain with books, lots of books, nonfiction heavy.

What have you watched recently? Anyone seen the new Wes Anderson flick, “Moonrise Kingdom”? (If you need another recommendation, watch “TheAquatic Life with Steve Zissou” this weekend.)  

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  1. I am thankful for the reviews, I didn't plan to see Spiderman as no MJ? I ADORE the BBC Sherlock Holmes that is out now, it is such a great series, I mean, Watson blogging Sherlock stories! So fun. I will try RDJ as Sherlock..That sounds interesting now that you wrote about it... Have you seen the BBC series yet? I watched season 1 on Netflix and watched season 2 these past few weeks..

    Have a great weekend!