Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zumba Class - So Much Fun!

Professor X has started playing tackle football. He looks so much older with all the gear on! I love it, though. He is doing a great job figuring everything out. He’s the only kid with glasses and we are actually getting contacts for him next week. Wow, right? He’s 10, but he will be wearing contacts. Considering he’s worn glasses since he was five, I think it’s a good thing.

The football practices are 2 hours every evening except Sundays at a park. The park happens to be the main park for our area and has lots of classes in the evenings, like Zumba! I was so excited to discover this last week. The class starts at the same time as football practice so it’s perfect. Last night was my first time going. I was a little nervous since my experience with Zumba is limited to my living room with the X-Box Kinect. I get an amazing sweat going and love dancing with Zumba Rush. But how different would it be?

I didn’t even think about what to wear. Big mistake. I showed up in my baggy Adidas shorts and old t-shirt, while most of the other ladies were looking cute in Zumba gear and make-up. Jigga what? I would never put make-up on to work out! Next week, though, some mascara and eyeliner, poppin’ lip gloss, all a must! I think I can find some Zumba cargo pants before the next class, though. I want to look like a cute Zumba chick, too!

The teacher was awe-some (read in a high pitched voice)! She introduced herself to me before class and very tactfully explained that this was not a beginner’s class. (Uh-oh) That it might take five classes or so to get the hang of her choreography (uh-oh). But don’t worry! Women of every, ahem, fitness level can do it! Now, when she said fitness level, she looked away, and it was implied, I believe, that she took one look at me and thought I was too overweight to stick. She wasn’t rude, not at all. I think she was concerned I couldn’t make it through the class. This really helped my motivation. I always rise to the challenge! (Plus all the other ladies in the class were some skinny Minnies and let’s see how they look when they’re pushing 40 and have had three babies!)

Here is how the class looked to me, everyone basically in rhythm, doing the moves, clapping, looking good.

Here is how I looked.

 Remeber that scene from "Housesitter" with Goldie Hawn? Yep, that was me!

Ha ha! Yes, the class is WAY different from the living room! But it was way more fun! Thankfully, I have a great sense of humor and can laugh at myself. I think that’s what got me through. Did I mention the whole front wall is mirrored? Yep. So I had a front-row seat for my efforts. Honestly, it didn’t bother me too much. I was having too much fun!

The teacher is very energetic and the music is pumping and I am telling myself to just do it. I loved it! If you enjoy dancing, you MUST trya Zumba class! Do I plan to go back next week? Oh yeah! Not only that, but when I rejoined DH at the practice, a couple other ladies heard me telling him about it and now they want to go, too. Boo-yah! I won’t be the only beginner anymore!

Today I am even a little sore, just my abs. I twisted and moved in ways I haven’t for a LONG time. My body was like, huh? You want to do THAT? Totally worth it.


  1. Glad you had fun. I have to start moving, I am on my butt all day at work. I then have a 2 hr commute each way, so basically I am a potato. I had visions of aerobic class with the mirrors, and me being a spaz. I hear good things about this. I may take a video and try it at home (not ready to move in front of the mirror!!)

  2. Hahahaha! Thanks for sharing your experience! I've been wondering if I should join a class nearby .. it sounds like fun! I always get a bit intimated because the women look just so chic ... and everything. Oh wells... I too need to get moving! Glad you had fun!

  3. That does sound like a lot of fun! Good for you! I really enjoyed your description of your experience, right down to the gear that the other ladies were wearing...

    I am actually a group fitness instructor, but have only tried Zumba a few times. I did enjoy it though and look forward to doing it again sometime. It is definitely very popular in the neighborhood where I live.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! Have a great week!