Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Perfect Summer Moment

It is evening. Dinner is over and the children are clamoring. I want to read and so I am sitting outside in the cool air. I am in one of my favorite places, a bench under the trees outside the kitchen window. The window is open and I hear the rattle of silverware and murmur of baseball. This is a perfect summer moment.


  1. It is still hot here..But I love to read out in my yard too! In the fall I make a pot of tea and sit outside whenever I can grab the time. There is also an arboretum nearby so on the weekends in the fall we grab lunch there and sit on their great lawn in adirondack chairs and read. Lucky hubby loves to read like me..

  2. Awww Bird By Bird is on e of my FAVORITE books. Enjoy ! I love the clatter of utensils too, from outside!!