Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, My Day

Happy Friday, friends!

I had such high hopes for this last week of summer, but it sure didn't go as planned. The last few days have been one frustration after another. Problems with the in-laws, Fios installation confusion, ceiling fans falling out of the ceiling, friends needing to talk about huge, major problems, bickering children. The list is long! Therefore, I am taking this last Friday and making it worth a whole week.

My plan for today is to sit in my special chair with my feet up, watch an HGTV marathon, and knit. I will not be putting on a bra today. I will not be washing dishes or clothes today. I will not be preparing meals today. I will not be refereeing any fights today. The kids are on their own! I will not be answering any calls! Save the drama for your own mama! Today is my day.


  1. You must reclaim the day sometimes!! it is good for your kids to see you take care of you; then they will know how to take care of them when they are parents! hooray for you!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day planned. Hope it turned out so. For us, summer is still in swing for a few more weeks, but this week was full of drama and nonsence. I am hoping for a peaceful one this week.