Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blue Jeans, Knitting, and What to Watch

So, let's start with the daily life. I woke up, had my coffee, and realized when I took the dog out that I could, gasp, wear my blue jeans today! The weather had cooled to a lovely 80-something at 8am and I took full advantage! I wore my jeans all day, until they were stuck to my legs with sweat and I traded them for my running shorts. By then it was 90-something around 2pm. Bleh. Where is the cooler weather? Dang it! I'm ready to get my holiday knitting going and it is very difficult to think about cozy yarn gifts when it is stinkin' hot outside.

Speaking of holiday knitting, have you seen the new Knit Simple magazine preview? Oh. Em. Gee. I cannot wait for this issue to come out! On October 2nd I will be running to the bookstore to grab my coffee and spend some time perusing, making lists, and planning. The preview was just what I needed to get my knitting mojo back.

Speaking of knitting mojo, I dragged out a WIP b&w bag that needs to be finished and worked on it while DH watched Jeopardy. This project demands attention so I had to watch for the stitch markers and pattern changes. But, when DH turned the TV over to me, I whipped out a no-look, knit in the round, red bag so I could knit without looking. I got to watch another episode of Breaking Bad while everyone in the house was off on their own. Bliss! I am so caught up in this show. Walter continues to surprise me, even though I know to expect the unexpected with him. His wife is really getting on my nerves. It is almost like she wants to own his cancer and control his reactions to it. Ugh! Anyway, I spent 47 minutes glued to the screen and knit about 1/4 of the bag without looking and without error. Boo-yah!

Speaking of boo-yah, I laced up and hit the asphalt with DH this afternoon before dinner. We did an easy 2.6 miles in the heat. Blech. I had so many words to use that I just talked his ear off. He was nice enough not to interrupt and even sound interested in what I was telling him. And what I was telling him was all about K is for Killer by Sue Grafton. I finished this one last night, although I intended to just read one chapter and then go to bed. I couldn't put it down! This is one of the best in the series. I am in awe of Grafton writing such a complicated character as Kinsey Milhone and bringing something new to the storyline every time. Big thumbs up!

Speaking of a thumbs up, when my family was reconvening in the TV area, I paused Breaking Bad and switched to Happy. Have you seen this documentary? I am fascinated by films that show life around the world and draw us all together by common drives, like being happy. What helps people be happy? There is so much good information, like goal-setting and new experiences, it is definitely worth watching. I love knowing that my ideas of exercise and having something (anything) to look forward to really do impact my state of happiness. I love that money is not the answer. All the qualities and characteristics of happiness that were spotlighted in the film are free. You just have to know on what to focus. Big thumbs up!

My Six in September campaign is a success so far. Can you believe I have just 3 more pounds to lose to hit that goal? I weighed in this morning and was amazed! I am running my booty off (literally) and it's totally worth it.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Make it a good one! 

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  1. Hooray for you. You are doing all the hard work and its paying off. I cannot run, but we got an elliptical! I hope to be successful too!