Monday, September 17, 2012

I Won the Battle Today

I did great sticking to my eating plan today. I had about 600 calories left even before my run. DH bought a package of Klondikes last week. The peanut butter kind. I love those!

So I ate a couple last week, and then I hated myself. I swear if that stuff isn't in the house, I don't miss it. But if it IS in the house, it calls my name. The cookies. The chocolate. And tonight, the Klondikes.

But, my Nikes were also calling to me. Go run, they said. Just do it, they said. I was torn! Although, I knew that if I went for a run I wouldn't eat the ice cream. I wouldn't hate myself. So...I think that was the fastest I've ever laced up my shoes! I ran! I had a great pace and an even greater sweat going. Aahh! So good.

Shut those Klondikes up,  yes yes!

1 comment:

  1. Im the same way with goodies in the house. My new friend NORDY, the nordic track is helping me nowadays.