Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Evening Quickie

I spent the afternoon knitting and watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Julie & Julia. That movie appeals to me on so many levels, the cooking, the eating, the writing, the journey to being published. Sigh. It is wonderful.

So I was inspired, not to cook, it's way too hot, but to post the picture of the quiche I made for a potluck on Friday morning. Here it is. I love that my quiches are good. I'm actually amazed by how easy the recipe is and how delicious they taste! My family did not get to eat this one and actually requested that I make another for dinner, which I did. That quiche turned out really good, too. I can now add this recipe to my menu of meals that I make confidently. My quiche is right up there next to my ceviche. Yum-o!

Now, I am off on a date with DH. We need to keep it cheap, so he asked me what I wanted to do, for cheap. I grinned and said I would love to do something for free. He looked at me warily. I just grinned and then did the finger-walking mime. He laughed, and agreed! So we are off on our 3-mile walk. What a great date!

What are you eating tonight? Have you gotten some extra movement logged today? Go for it! Don't give up! Choose to be sore, not sorry!

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