Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Morning Started Right

I kicked some asphalt this morning to start the day! This is me nice and sweaty after my run. Today was more walking than running, but my shins thanked me. I stretched a little before I took off, which helps, but I am so lazy about. The main reason I ran early was the temperature. My phone reported a lovely 74 degrees. I got ready in 10 minutes and blasted out the door into a very warm morning. So disappointing! Definitely NOT 74 degrees, not even at 7am. Unbelievably, we are headed to 105 degrees again today. Ugh!

Plans for today are simply to stay inside, wear as little clothing as possible without scandalizing the neighbors or myself, and run the air cooler full blast. This is the only day all week that I have no commitments, no one expecting me, glorious! 

Check out this great blog, another runner/knitter!

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  1. iPhone weather? It LIES. I'm not sure where the problem is, but I've had the same misfortune.