Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night, Swimming, and Sushi

Today we switched our plan of going to Disneyland for an invitation to swim at my mother-in-law's. I am excited to see all the Halloween decorations at Disneyland,  but it is still very hot here so I was happy to swim instead.

My mil's pool is amazing and we always enjoy spending time there. She treated us to sushi for lunch. Delicious!

Have I told you about my burning desire to move to Washington with my sister? Yes. Recently I have been missing my family so much I have started praying about moving up there. Well, any chance I get I am talking to DH about moving. Not nagging or trying to sway his mind, just pointing out little things here and there or comparing weather reports, things like that.

Wouldn't you know, the sushi restaurant had a roll called Washington! It was like a California roll, but topped with salmon. You know I ordered it! I just grinned at DH and laughed. It's a sign!

We were back in our old neighborhood tonight and noticed a lot of changes. I reminded DH that at our new home, we don't pay rent. I could see a little nostalgia taking hold of him. I told myself we are in a better place. We feel like we are in limbo, not totally removed and not totally settled. Could it be because we belong in Washington?

I am officially naming this my Wishington Campaign.

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  1. Awwww, I hope your able to visit often and make a great choice. I Really want to see your DIsney Halloween images when you do get there...
    LOVE Halloween and Disney!