Friday, September 14, 2012

This and That

Life is in its usual ebb and flow of busy-ness and routine. I find it hard to get here to write, but I think of doing it every day. I seemed locked in this eternal struggle of desiring to get up super early and never really doing it. Mr. M is an early bird and it's difficult to get my quiet time in before he wakes up. I swear that kid has supersonic hearing! My goal for the rest of this month is to blog daily, no matter what time. I can even do it from my phone, but the right environment is often lacking.

Here are a few things I am into right now.

Breaking Bad, the television series, has caught my attention. I knew this show was a big hit. I just never watched it. We started our Netflix membership again (love!) so I decided to give Breaking Bad a look-see. Wow. What I really love about this show is the psychological side to Walter's actions. Yes, the show is taut and dramatic, but Walter facing his mortality is what kicks him into reality and drives him to make these crazy, but understandable choices. I wish his wife would give him a break! Does anyone else watch this? I would love to dissect scenes and discuss plot with someone! If you haven't seen it, give it a try. Breaking Bad is worth watching, if only for those moments where you think, oh thank God it isn't me!

Weight loss, yes, the battle continues. My goal for this month is to drop these next six pounds to get myself to a nice, round number. I have started running, yes, actually running and not walking anymore. Thank you thyroid medication! I run at least 2 miles a day, 3 if I can. I love the exercise! I haven't been to Zumba for a while since Professor X no longer has practice at that park. I miss it!

My DH printed out an awesome Sarah Connor poster for me as motivation. She looks amazing, totally toned and cut in T2. This is my goal! I just have to remember that my focus right now is on weight loss, not muscle creation. It's frustrating sometimes. I want to be there already! So six pounds this month, Six in September. Who's with me?

Knitting has taken a backseat lately and I am trying to get my inspiration going again. Honestly, the weather has been so incredibly hot (106 degrees today, seriously!) I have not wanted to touch yarn at all, not even cotton. The past couple days I made myself knit just to do it. I started some kitchen rags I need, simple garter stitch while watching Breaking Bad. I am a process knitter, no doubt. I love the rhythm of the needles and yarn moving between my fingers. Definitely have to keep this at the top of the daily to-do list!

And so life goes on. I am thankful it's Friday even though we are facing a very busy weekend. I hope your weekend, or workend, is marvelous and lots of interesting things happen!


  1. Son Zach LOVES Breaking Bad. A whole group of college seniors get together to watch it regularly......

    I have gotten onto NOrdy my nordic track, every day since it arrived this week. Im there with you in spirit. GO GIRL GO

    Im looking for more knit is so soothing to me.....I dont go a day without a stitch......but I dont have a tiny one waking me up every day

    1. Kathy, ooh Nordy, good for you! Those are great machines.

      Yes, I could understand a group of college kids getting together to watch this show. It's appealing in a kicking ass kind of way! I tried to get DH to watch with me, but he said he just doesn't want to get into all that. I don't know if he meant the drama or the whole drug scene thing, but for me, it's a great escape and way to be entertained.

      Knitting is therapy. So true!
      I'm so glad you stopped by. :)