Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, Ho Hum

Today was just a regular old day, for which I am thankful. I look back to September 2011 and my life was in turmoil. I am very grateful for my family and where I am now. I am focused on making my life the best it can be.

Homeschooling was uneventful, but special in that it was finished before PE class. I love getting things done by lunch and then we have the whole afternoon to do whatever we want. Of course, by the time PE was over and we made a Target run for dinner stuff, it was time to start dinner. No knitting. Boo.

My routine for dinner is the same. I start off by turning on the TV. I record The Office reruns every day so I am sure to have something for myself in the DVR list. I start an episode and then I turn my attention to cooking. Once that is underway, I hit the dishes. One appliance I sorely miss is my dishwasher, DW. I hate hand washing dishes. But it is a necessary evil right now. By the time dinner is ready and the family is assembled, I am ready to sit down. You know that great feeling you get when you've been on your feet for a long time and finally sit down? I love that! Plus, I get to eat, and that's always good.

We watch TV during dinner, yes. I know, I know. People say you shouldn't do that. But I don't think those people homeschool their kids. After being in constant interaction with this kids all day, and serving two meals previously, I want to zone out a little and watch TV. Occasionally we leave the TV off and turn music on, and that's nice, too, but usually we don't.

DH is the boss of dinner. You say you're full and can't finish your food? Talk to him. You want more rice and won't eat your chicken? Talk to him. I am off duty. Then he and the kids clean up.

Have you ever noticed that a man cleaning up after a meal consists of putting refrigerated items away, packing up leftovers, and that's about it? No dishes get washed. The table might not even be completely cleared. Ah, well. He works all day, right? I shouldn't complain.

I enjoyed my 3-mile run today. I have some new music I am trying out thanks to Run Hundred. I love getting new music in my inbox every week. I also did over 50 squats throughout the day. I finally figured out the proper form and, wow, I am feeling it! I want a nice, round butt. Is that wrong? :) I also did some abs work, ugh. I think all the inspirational people I follow on Instagram are motivating me to do more. I simply did squats while I waited for things, like coffee brewing, commercials, kids eating. I can do 15 squats in the time my Keurig brews my coffee. Good to know.

I am thinking of cutting my hair short to make it easier to keep out of my face when running. Maybe coloring it, too. I think the approach of fall is inspiring me to make some changes. How about you?

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  1. OH a haircut is always such fun!!!! I love the girl who cuts my hair well.

    GOOD for you and your working out!
    im back to the nordic track tomorrow....I hiked in Virginia, two days, so that helped, but I fell off the wagon due to that HAM.
    TIme to get back to healthy