Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Sick, Boo

What I would love to do today: stay in my PJ's under my blanket watching a Breaking Bad Marathon.

What I have to do today: laundry, which is like the mail in that it just never stops; take the kids to piano lessons, which is basically me sitting and waiting, which usually I love, but today feels tedious.

I had one of those nights when you wake up coughing every 10 minutes. I ended up sleeping in my chair just to be upright. I looked at a picture of myself from last week and thought, oh that was before I got sick. Time has now become a before and after for this weird sore throat.

In happier news, I weighed in this morning and am now consistently below 160, booyah! Next month's goal is to get below 155. We are planning to get a gym membership so that will definitely help.

Have I mentioned how appropriate I think Sandy is as the name of the SuperStorm wreaking havoc on the east coast? Oh, it's perfect! I have never had a good experience with a Sandy. My stepmother and my SIL share that name. Need I say more?

As I'm enjoying the gorgeous weather here in SoCal, my heart and mind is in constant prayer for the people on the east coast. I have lives here so long, it's hard to remember extreme weather like that.

Monday, October 29, 2012

This and That

So I've been feeling a little under the weather since Friday. But today I have a raging sore throat. Ugh. The worst part is the nighttime cough. You know? Because then you are sick and also not rested. Totally sucks.

I never get sick! Well, almost never. I just have to ride this out and hope it's gone by the beginning of November. I'm pumped to start working on my new fitness goals!

Have you seen the movie, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"? This was one of DH's picks, which surprised me. I am the one who typically chooses the Indie films, but this one sparked his interest. I don't know exactly why. Steve Carell is one of my favorites and Keira Knightley is great, too. I think it is the whole end-of-the-world-and-we-know-it premise that I didn't like. I give it a half-thumbs up, just one. If you were interested in it to begin with, watch it. If not, spoil it.

I started reading Gone Girl. I downloaded the sample onto my Kindle app. I do not recommend reading books on a phone screen. Once you read for a little while and have to look up, wow! The eye strain is crazy! I really want a Kindle Fire. My Kindle is looking so dated!

What's new with you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I know I haven't been posting much. I'm counting the month of October as a general loss due to being so sick for most of it.

November is right around the corner! It's time to think about some new goals. Hmm. I'll get back to you on that!

Professor X is almost finished with his football season. I'm so happy! It has been weeks and weeks since we've been to church due to his practice schedule and games. I love our new church and I miss going.

I have been going to a morning study for women, but I haven't made any personal connections, aka friends. I'm feeling a little lonely, really. My social media is my social life. Is that terrible or typical nowadays?

The week ahead is packed. Homeschooling and running and daily life. I'm hoping it will be amazing!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bzz Bzz Bzz

Finally the weather is cooling off and I feel rejuvenated!

Here is what lies on the horizon.

My Etsy shop, stinkR, is getting most of my attention right now. I picked up a holiday knitting magazine and my zeal was renewed. I have so many ideas! Right now I am determined to finish up some Halloween projects I dreamt up, but procrastinated in starting. Success! I just listed a scarf with dangling skulls and a spider, so cute!

Exercise, help me! My weight is slowly, slowly, slowly, did I say slowly? Slowly coming off. I am running intervals now instead of walking every day. I love to run! I never knew that about myself. I have always been more of a walker. But right now it has been three days since I've laced up and I am feeling it! I had to give myself permission to take a break. I think I overdid it last week because I am exhausted today. Rest is good.

Homeschooling is chugging right along. We just had our second overseer meeting so that means we are about 40 days into the new school year. Really? Is that all? Honestly, it seems like we have done so much! I love these kids. I cannot imagine a day when I wasn't surrounded with their sweet little faces and little-kid breath. I'm serious! Maybe it's a mom thing.

The holidays are creeping up! My prayer, my hopeful fervent prayer is that a miracle would happen and I would get to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Washington. I know, it probably won't happen. But, then again, who knows?