Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Sick, Boo

What I would love to do today: stay in my PJ's under my blanket watching a Breaking Bad Marathon.

What I have to do today: laundry, which is like the mail in that it just never stops; take the kids to piano lessons, which is basically me sitting and waiting, which usually I love, but today feels tedious.

I had one of those nights when you wake up coughing every 10 minutes. I ended up sleeping in my chair just to be upright. I looked at a picture of myself from last week and thought, oh that was before I got sick. Time has now become a before and after for this weird sore throat.

In happier news, I weighed in this morning and am now consistently below 160, booyah! Next month's goal is to get below 155. We are planning to get a gym membership so that will definitely help.

Have I mentioned how appropriate I think Sandy is as the name of the SuperStorm wreaking havoc on the east coast? Oh, it's perfect! I have never had a good experience with a Sandy. My stepmother and my SIL share that name. Need I say more?

As I'm enjoying the gorgeous weather here in SoCal, my heart and mind is in constant prayer for the people on the east coast. I have lives here so long, it's hard to remember extreme weather like that.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I hate those horrible cough/colds.....THey are the worst
    3 days coming, 3 days here, 3 days going and sometimes longer.....

    GOod for you and the healthy weight...
    Ive been good about the nordic track and it is starting to show to ME