Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finally 100%

This flu is nasty. I was out of commission for over a week! Kathy B was right, a total of 9 days sick! Ugh. The whole month of November has been a loss.

So I am extra motivated to get back on track! We started a bunch of new projects in homeschooling today. I am excited about a new writing project I am working on. I am knitting only Christmas gifts right now. My etsy store is a little empty. But that's okay.

I am maintaining my weight loss so far. I am planning to start logging some miles tomorrow, just walking this week. I'm hoping to drop another 8 lbs this month. We'll see.

I'm just so happy to feel better!

1 comment:

  1. Wahoo. glad you are OVER it. Zach my son had it while we visited. Al my daughter in Virginia had it too at the same time. So many people coughing up yuck on busees and planes...