Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Bright Side

Today was a better day. Homeschooling flowed and I even made dinner, bonus! We had Turkey burgers, delicious!

I have my mini road trip planned for Friday. I'm picturing myself enjoying a big, fat coffee and croissant from Starbucks while driving and listening to my favorite 80s music. Now that's something to look forward to!

I'm up Kate tonight knitting on the Massive Project, giggling with Seinfeld while everyone is sleeping. Good times!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, Why Do You Hate Me?

Oh, it was definitely Monday. I can't remember my last good Monday, much less great Monday. Add to that it was the first day of homeschool and that's a recipe for a disastrous Monday. Ok, well, it wasn't that bad, but close. A rocky homeschool start, a dreaded event weighing on me, and a very unsatisfying workout. Blah.

My child who was the most excited for school to start ended up being the one who gave me the most trouble. Huh? He's my youngest and now I see that he expects me, and his siblings, to do things as soon as he thinks he can't do it. I told him to cut paper. "I can't," and then he looked at me so expectantly a little red flag immediately went up. I told him to add single-digits. "I can't," and puts his pencil down and looks at me. Hmm. This kid was doing double-digit addition at the end of last year. I told him to cover the piano when he was done practicing. He wrestled with the cover for about a minute and then said, all together now, "I can't," and looked at his sister as he put it down. I gave the order for no one to help him and after struggling alone for a few minutes, he did it.

So, obviously, I am realizing he needs to be pushed to do things on his own. And maybe I need to read a book about youngest children and how to not coddle or baby them. I had a conversation with my daughter about this since she is usually the one on the spot to help him. She just stared at me.

"But, Mom, it's easier for me to do it for him. Sometimes I watch him and it gets so frustrating that I have to do it myself."

My response, "I know. That's when you just have to walk away. Go in the other room until he's done. That's what I did with all of you." True story. And the older two are very capable. We'll see how it goes. I definitely do not want to enable Mr. M or create a monster whose wife will have to mother him. No way.

Today was a tough day. I didn't enjoy my run because I have too much on my mind. I am struggling with an upcoming family event with my in-laws. It's two weeks away and already the back of neck burns when I think about it. Siiiiiigh. If I could get out of it, I would. I'm dreading it, big time. An event like this really drags me down. I am struggling with depression, feeling just the tips of my toes dipping in, and I hate it. I need something to look forward to, something for myself.

I do have one personal appointment this week and that is my Coaches Training on Friday. It's a bit of a drive so I'm looking forward to that. Not many things are better than cold A/C, loud 80's music, and a big fat coffee by my side for a mini road trip on a Friday morning! Plus, my time will be spent with other people who enjoy fitness and being active. That sounds good! I also get my CPR training certificate and I think that will help me get another job in the future.

Tonight I am staying up late to finish a few projects for my shop. It's been too long since I've listed something new. I am working on an afghan for a wedding and that has been my main focus. I have some mini buntings to finish and list. I love the night time hours when everyone is sleeping and I am busy cutting felt and weaving in ends of yarn. I guess that's something to look forward to as well!

How do you pull yourself out of a funk? Or not dwell on negativity churned up by people around you? Counting my blessings is one thing I like to do. I might make an effort to use every one of my senses, too. Like, smell something good, look at beautiful pictures, pet my chihuahua, eat some chocolate, and listen to my favorite music (sky.fm 80s, anyone?) Changing my mental state is not easy, but it is worth the effort. Coffee helps, too. Lots of coffee.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School!

Are you ready for Back to School? Sigh. I think I am. I would love to have another month just to be home and tackle everything I thought I would finish by now. But, oh well. The first day of homeschool is tomorrow. Sigh.

Was your summer everything you wanted it to be? Mine was everything I expected. Lots of doctor visits in June, WA in July, and a whirlwind of activity in August. I have been trying to keep up with my Etsy shop, too. My boys are both in football right now. My princess is going to start swimming lessons. We are at the beginning of a new season.

My oldest son is in middle school this year and I've been in denial. I didn't even realize he was "graduating" to middle school until our overseer presented him with a certificate at the end of last year. Wow. Only three more years and he's on to high school! For the past couple weeks, I have been feeling tense and uptight without really knowing why. Last Friday I started prepping our homeschool year and I just started crying. Like really, really crying! It hit me that my kids are no longer little. Everything seems so advanced and serious this year! I'm not ready! But I did feel better after I let myself cry.

So, here we are on the cusp of a new homeschooling year. Things will only get busier from here.

I got a job! I'll be coaching at the homeschool PE class that my kids attend. I applied last year and never heard anything (of course not) and then they called me a few weeks ago to see if I could do it this year. I was so surprised at first that I said no. (seriously, what was I thinking?!) It's not a lot of money, but it will help, and I will get paid to do two things I love: teach and play. I'm excited! I already have a whistle and plans to get "Coach Rachel" printed on my visor. Now drop and give me 20!

So my own personal exercise and nutrition are at the top of my priority list right now. I'm maintaining my weight, not losing, and I still have 20 lbs or so that I'd like to drop. I have a Nike personal training Xbox program to start and I'm still running. I invited some of the other moms at football practice to walk with me and I use that as a warm up to run. It's a great way to get almost 4 miles in every day!

As motivation for exercising, I have a new dress. It fits perfectly, so if I gain or inflate, it won't fit anymore. I am wearing it to a wedding in 2 weeks and hoping it will fit even more perfectly, not less.

I hope you enjoyed your summer! What season is starting for you now?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacation is Good

I have been in WA with my sister and her family for almost the whole month of July. DH was here for a few days, then flew home for 10 days. He didn't have enough vacation days to cover the length of time I wanted to be here. So I was on my own with the kids for those days and then he came back last weekend for our last week.

This trip will forever be known as the "By the Skin of Our Teeth" vacation. We made it. We barely made it. But, it has been wonderful to be with my sister and watch our kids playing and making friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. It's good.

Having such a long break from home has been refreshing for me. I am full of homeschool ideas and inspiration. I have packed on enough weight to be ready for a new exercise routine. I have watched enough HGTV to tackle some projects that are long overdue.

Vacation is good. I am soaking in the last few days here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movies and Knitting

My house is quiet. Everyone is sleeping. I am awake enjoying the night. Carpe noctem! Ssh!

I am off my workout schedule already. Sad to say, but I think I overdid it last week. I have a persistent cramp in my calf whenever I run or even walk fast. Boo. I am focusing on weights this week instead. I have a weight bench and I do a circuit of different exercises that I do 15 reps, three times each. I am sore! But, I love the way my arms look after a session. I just need some good music! My weights are in the same room as the Xbox and I'm tired of sweating to Minecraft.

This summer I decided to catch up on some independent films. Netflix is the best resource for indie flicks! I know a lot of people watch movies for entertainment and escapism, but indie films go beyond this. I consider a movie good if I have an emotional connection to the plot and characters. I love watching a movie and then thinking about it for days after. If you don't watch a lot of indie films, start with Sunshine Cleaning Company, one of my favorites. Also, anything with Bill Murray that is not mainstream like Lost in Translation or Broken Flowers. Wonderful movies!

Today I continued my Jenna Fischer marathon by watching A Little Help. Honestly, this movie was horribly depressing. Totally a downer. Beware. This movie is not a comedy. Though Jenna Fischer plays this type of character well, I felt bummed out and low after I watched it. I thought this could be the prequel to the other Jenna Fischer movie I watched, The Giant Mechanical Man, which was way better. Watch both of them and let me know if you agree.

If you want to see a great Jenna Fischer indie flick, and also see Chris Messina in an amazing role, watch The Giant Mechanical Man. Big thumbs up! I was surprised by how much I like this movie. I had never heard of it and randomly picked it. I loved the plot and Chris Messina was perfect. I recognized him from Julie and Julia, Julie's husband. He is now one of my favorites! Topher Grace is another reason to see this movie. I love seeing someone unexpected in a movie, like Topher playing a horribly obnoxious author. It was awesome!

(If there is ever a movie made of my life (don't laugh, it could happen) I want Jenna Fischer to be me. I love her style of acting and making these quirky people seem so real. I say quirky, but goofball is also an acceptable classification. I used to say Drew Barrymore should be me in my life movie, but I watched Fever Pitch the other day and...nah, I don't think she could pull it off. Jimmy Fallon on the other hand, if I were a guy, would be perfect! But I digress...)

So, of course, I chose another Chris Messina movie to watch today, Ira and Abby. I sense a Woody Allenesque portrayal in his acting this time. He can pull it off. I enjoy Woody Allen films immensely so this doesn't bother me. I am not very far into the movie, but so far so good.

How do I have all this time to watch movies you ask? I started knitting a baby blanket for my sister and it requires long periods of sitting and working a fairly simple pattern. I breezed through my Mad Med episodes today, too. Wow, I love that show! I caught up with my Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix, but I'm not recording the newest season. I like to watch those continuously or I get stressed out!  Anyway, the point is that I need to entertain my brain while I'm knitting or I will fall asleep. Seriously!

We are now counting down to our WA vacation, less than three weeks to go. I am hoping to run the Golden Gate Bridge on our way up. We'll see. What have you been up to this summer? Seen any good movies?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stop Saying Tomorrow

Summer is here! We are in our second week of vacation already! We have been off and running since day one.

Right now, my kids are obsessed with a new video game on the Xbox called Minecraft. I don't get it. The graphics are old looking and the point of the game (I think) is to build and maintain your own community, like a castle or a farm. My daughter has domesticized a wolf and my son is raising pigs. Huh? Ok. I used to play Farmville a lot, so maybe I should be able to relate. But the level of their obsession with this game is mind-boggling. You want to build something? The Lego bricks are right there! You want to raise an animal? Play with the dog! She's right there! Obviously, this game isn't marketed for people like me. Obviously.

My kids are completely absorbed. Every conversation is about what they built or want to build on Minecraft. They are watching videos on YouTube of how to build things. Professor X spent a lot of time watching a video of a kid playing Minecraft. My son even saved up his money and pre-ordered the new version for Xbox when it was released. I mean, wow. They are totally into it!

I have my own summer obsession right now, running. I struggled in May just getting out the door. We were so incredibly busy with school and baseball and gymnastics! It's almost like I haven't had time of my own since before April. I had to stop making plans because nothing I planned worked out! So I am calling this summer's running "Stop Saying Tomorrow". I love that! I kept telling myself, Tomorrow I'll get to run. Tomorrow I'll do it. And it never happened! I had to assert myself and reclaim the time to run!

So, my new running routine is actually two runs a day. I do a short 2-mile morning run and a longer 3-mile evening run during the week. Then I do a 4-mile run on Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday is my rest day. I also started keeping track of my calories with Lose It again. If you think you know how many calories you are consuming, try keeping track for a few days. You might be very surprised!

I mentioned to DH that I think I need (emphasis on need) new running shows. I'm getting blisters and shin pain again. Plus, these shoes are so big and clunky compared to what Nike is currently putting out. I decided to start a shoe fund for myself by saving $20 a week. Let's see how long it takes me to get some new shoes!

I want to be healthy. I saw someone on Instagram using a "Fit By 40" mantra and that resonates with me. I would love to be maintaining my goal weight by the time I'm 40. How about you?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's The End! Well, Almost.

We are officially out of school next Friday, not THIS Friday, but next Friday. I cannot wait. The kids cannot wait. It seems like we are all just dragging through these last two weeks.

I planned some good activities to get us through, but honestly I have other things I would rather be doing. Not even mythology is holding my interest. We have been doing a lot of reading aloud, which is a nice change. We took a field trip to the Getty Villa as part of a Mother's Day outing with my mother-in-law. The kids actually got excited to see the gods and goddesses they've been reading about. Herakles was a big hit. So was Persephone.

The only problem was that the Greeks were, well, rather fascinated with the human form. Are you following me? Yes, most of the images were nudes. Uncircumcised nudes, as my husband so observantly pointed out. Let me tell you, there was a LOT of giggling. A lot! We got through it.

We topped off our day out with a visit to a little restaurant, more like a diner, called The Apple Pan in Santa Monica. We've seen this place on TV and finally got to visit. The seating is only around a counter. The cooks and prep people work in the center of the counter. The cash register is really old, one of the punch-button kind. Cash only!

The atmosphere is folksy, but intense. The man taking the orders was older, probably the manager, and very fast. The menu is limited so it isn't hard to decide what you want. I knew what I wanted. But, I hesitated. He who hesitates is lost! Or at least doesn't get to put in her drink order until everyone else is done. My husband pointed out to the man that he had skipped me and the man said, "I'll get her on the way back." Doh!

Ordering the food was the same. I was scurred! I made sure my daughter, seated next to me, knew what she wanted. When he asked what I wanted I told him. HE moved on. I realized I forgot to say I wanted cheese on my burger! But there was no way I was going to flag him down and request cheese. You know what? He was so intimidating that after he took all the orders, he looked down at me, asked if I wanted cheese, and I simply shook my head. There was no way I was going to amend my order! I had already blown the drink order process. I didn't want this man to think I was a total dunce!

The burger came and it was delicious, even without cheese. Eventually, I got my drink, cream soda in a bottle. This was definitely an interesting experience.

I made myself run when we got home to make up for all the calories and time in the car. The burger was worth it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Quick Getaway

We just celebrated our 15-year anniversary by returning to our honeymoon destination in San Luis Obispo. One of our friends had the kids overnight and my MIL had them the next day so we didn't have to rush home. The drive up the coast was gorgeous! I did the driving. This is our new agreement, that I do the driving. He would drive and we both got stressed out. Now I drive and it's find. (As long as he doesn't try to "help" me!) We had a very memorable and enjoyable overnight trip.

In no particular order, these are some highlights of our 15-year anniversary getaway last week. 
His and hers coffee we got at Bello Mundo, a coffeehouse in SLO. There was a friendly atmosphere and the coffee was amazing! We sat next to the big window in front and watched people walking by for about an hour. A very pleasant experience!
I scored a stack of like-new knitting books for $1 each at a hospice thrift store. I wonder if they were donated from someone who supports hospice or were leftover from a knitter who passed away under the care of hospice. Either way, I was happy to have them and will definitely put them to good use!
Apple Farm is the B&B we stayed at for our honeymoon 15 years ago and returned to this year for our anniversary. If you are looking for a place to stay in the SLO area, this is the way to go! The rooms are cute and comfortable. We had a private hot tub on our patio outside and it was heaven! We looked at the stars and watched the moonrise while relaxing, bliss!
On the way home, we stopped at a lovely beach and explored some tide pools and rocks. I made  DH climb up a big rock with me and take some pictures. Definitely a good way to close out our trip!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bzz Bzz Bzz

Hello there, dear reader! It's been a while.

I am so incredibly busy I almost can't believe it myself. Between homeschooling and my Etsy shop and all the million other things I do or have to do, it is difficult to get here! Here's a little recap.

Since the beginning of this year, we have dealt with some major health issues with our children. I am happy to report that everyone is now cast-free, suture-free, and on the road to a healthy spring. We hope. Don't say that too loud.

I am struggling with my thyroid. Again. My newest symptom is an extreme sensitivity to cold. I have always been a warm person, emotionally and physically. Ha ha! So when I am shivering and freezing while everyone else is asking to turn on the fan, I know something is wrong. I have always seen sensitivity to cold on hypothyroidism lists of telltale signs, but never experienced it. I don't like it. I'm always in a sweater or jacket lately when most people are running around in shorts.

Speaking of running, I am still getting out there, though not as often as I would like. I am eager for summer and freedom from homeschooling to get back to my morning and evening runs! Right now, I go whenever I can, which is about three times a week. I missed the 100-mile goal in February, but that's not surprising considering everything we were dealing with at the time. So, my weight loss plan is mostly just diet and a little exercise. I seem to have stalled out at 155 lbs and I suspect thyroid issues may also be to blame.

Homeschooling is motoring along toward the middle of April and standardized testing. Ugh! I want my kids to walk in prepared, so we are heavy on math right now. HEAVY! I think the kids are enjoying it somewhat. We are about to start geometry and I am dreading it! This is the only class I got a C in and I don't know why I never understood the ideas. Maybe I should blame the teacher. Hmm.

How are things in your part of the world? Not too busy to do something you love, I hope!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Party at the Park

This past weekend we celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday. A simple potluck at the park with family and friends stopping by for some fried chicken and birthday cake is all she wanted. We were blessed with beautiful weather and had a wonderful time!

The kids had the run of the park since no one was there but us. There was a lot of scooter riding and playground fun. I really think park parties are the best for everyone! The kids were free and the adults were able to converse and enjoy all the good food. The best of parties: good food and better conversation. We had both!

The entertainment of the party was provided by a spunky squirrel who snatched an ice cream cup from the party next to us and ran up a tree with it. This squirrel was hilarious! It held the cup at every angle trying to get all the ice cream, even over it's head, swaying like a drunk! Finally, it was finished and dropped the ice cream cup on the ground. I have never seen that before! Good times!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keeping It Simple

Wow, this month is just flying by! I am already counting down to my birthday. Yes, even though I'm an adult, I still make a huge deal out of my birthday. Eights days to go!

The perfect birthday cake for me!

Usually I get a lot of great stuff for my birthday because it falls right when we get our tax return. I know, great timing! But, this year we filed early and honestly I'm not really feeling it anyway. Maybe because the past few weeks have been so stressful with hospital visits and getting my Etsy shop going, I am keeping it simple.

I want to get my hair cut and go for a mani-pedi, maybe get some acrylic nails put on. I LOVE having nails! I am also going to color my hair, not sure what color. Remember the black cherry color? Hm, yeah, not sure I want anything so dramatic this time. With summer right around the corner, I may go reddish, nothing too bright. I'm thinking Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman reddish-auburn. Or a burgundy. See? I'm undecided. But I need a change.

I wish my curls were this loose and lovely!
Forty is coming! Not this year, not next year, but it's coming. I need to get my act together! I want to hit 40 at full speed and make it the best decade of my life. That's the plan. I still have a ways to go. I am almost at my goal weight for this month, yay! Only a couple more pounds to drop. And the goal of running 100 miles is still a reality, but barely. I've been slacking, majorly! But I'm close.

March is right around the corner. What are your plans? Summer is the light at the end of this long winter tunnel. Do you see it? Think about it. Think about bathing suits and beach trips, endless evenings outside and shimmering heat wave afternoons. Sigh. I can't wait. I love summer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Surgery Day

My youngest son had his, ahem, personal surgery today. We got up at 4:30am and headed out. I am not a fan of waking up early, as you know. However, a surgery at dawn is preferable to waiting around all day. Right? Yes. I just made sure my clothes were ready as was my coffee. I slept in my bra, not a good choice, only because I was too lazy to take it off last night. I justified it by our early departure time, but honestly it wasn't worth it. Don't try this at home.
See this monkey? This is Mr. M's special friend who accompanied us to the hospital, right into the OR! See his great outfit? Yeah, the doctors did that in the OR! How cool is that?! These doctors chose correctly when going into pediatrics. We loved it! Mr. M loved it.
And here is Mr. M before surgery. Trust me, he looked very different after and I was NOT going to pester him for a picture. He did great, though. The surgery was successful and thank God it is over! He is happily recuperating at home, eating crackers, drinking 7Up, and sleeping. I am happily doing whatever he asks me to because I love this kid.
Good times. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One of Those Days

January has been a standout month for my family, medically anyway. This is an account of our latest adventure.

While calmly working on my Etsy shop, stinkR, inside the house, nice and cozy, the air was suddenly split by a blood-curdling scream from outside. I knew the kids were running down to a neighbor's house to deliver a get well card, but I didn't know there was a large group of them and they were running in a herd as if being chased by a T-Rex. Mr. M was in the middle of the pack.

He is not fast, nor is he as old as the other kids around him, and someone accidentally (I keep repeating that word to myself) tripped him. He fell full force on his hands and later told me he felt his pinkie finger bend all the way back. Hence, the scream.

Like any good mother, I froze, waiting to see if the screaming would stop before I had to do anything. It did, but only because he went into that silent scream mode. You know, like that painting? My older son raced in and got me. I looked at M's hand and there were no outward injuries. But he kept crying, unusual for him. He is quick to cry and quick to stop, especially when there is playing to be done. He was not interested in doing anything. We kept icing it on and off and decided to give it until morning to see how it looked. He was subdued and slept through the night.

Well, when he woke yesterday morning, the first thing I noticed was he totally favored the hand, like kept it close to his body and wouldn't move it. I took a closer look and WOW. He had a huge cartoon hand that was turning blue in places! We immediately headed to urgent care.

A few x-rays later and we had the diagnosis. He has what is known as a Boxer's Fracture. We watch UFC and MMA fights so he's familiar with these guys and how this fracture can happen. I think he felt a little better. The problem is that the fracture is ugly, not clean. The bone is off to the side, not on top of itself. He may need surgery to have a pin inserted and get the finger growing straight. He has a soft cast until Monday when we see the hand specialist. Oh, man. Almost a week to wait.

This is my youngest son. He already has a surgery scheduled for next Wednesday to correct a, ahem, personal boy issue, and I was struggling to handle that. A child going in for surgery? Under anesthesia? With probing and cutting? Not a mother's best day. Add this whole finger-pin-insertion thing and I am feeling like I'm on the edge of insanity for real.

If you think of him, please pray. He's a trooper. He is utterly brokenhearted about missing the baseball season, which is just starting. He cried more about that than anything else.

Did I mention that my van wouldn't start when we were leaving the hospital? Yeah, it wouldn't. I sat for an hour repeatedly trying to start, waiting for my husband to come from work an hour away. I knew it wasn't the battery. We have a finicky starter. I just could not believe that I had to deal with that, too. But it finally started and I raced home.

I won't describe the rest of my day, but at one point, I knew it was over and I took a 2-hour nap. I had to check out for a while, you know? I woke up, spent some quality time on Etsy, DH made dinner, and then I went to bed and slept soundly. I have declared today Yarn Therapy day. I am going to knit and not look up. Except to take care of Mr. M, of course.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back On, Baby!

Here I am, happily typing on my laptop. Yes, the gear I needed came on Thursday and I have been busy taking care of my business.

I don't have much to report. The weather has been rainy, literally. Usually here, we only get the clouds, but we have had lots of real precipitation and I have not been so motivated to run as to go out in it. We use Gamefly, a video game rental mail delivery system, and received Just Dance 4 today. Dancing is one of my loves so I will be getting my exercise shaking my booty with the kids tomorrow.

I have been knitting and working on my Etsy shop, stinkR, lots of good things happening there!

We signed the boys up for Little League. They are on two different teams so I am looking forward to lots of knitting time during practices, as well as runs to and from the field. I love watching my kids play sports. I love cheering for them and encouraging them to do their best. Princess O is about to start gymnastics, something she has been asking for since we moved. This girl is such a wiggle worm, always kicking her legs around and waving her arms, I think she will be outstanding.

We watched an interesting documentary today, Craigslist Joe. This man devoted a month of his life to living off the kindness of people he met on Craigslist or through activities posted on Craiglist. Sounds crazy, right? If you like documentaries, this is a good one. I enjoyed seeing my faith in humanity validated. I truly believe that humans look out for one another and when we see someone in need, we help. This is a great film. He receives everything he needs from food to clothes to a ride across country. A few of the people he comes across are weirdos, no doubt. At least by my standards! Joe definitely has a profound experience that is enthralling to watch. Although, I did wonder...what happened to that bike he borrowed?

Okay, I'm off to enjoy the rest of this Saturday night elsewhere online. What are you doing tonight?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Yet

Well, I was so excited to get the mail today, hoping my computer gear would come, but...do you know what I'm going to say? Right! There was no mail service today! For a good reason, no doubt, but I was disappointed. So here I am on my phone because I haven't used many words today and they are bursting out of me.

No homeschooling today, which meant lots of knitting! I posted two new listings on stinkR, another knitted necklace and an amazing cowl that I almost hate to sell. But I can make another one! I started a couple new projects and now I am knitted out. Seriously. I need a break. I know, it sounds funny. The Muse comes and stays, then flees. I'm not worried.

It is so hot here this week! I'm not complaining. I get to run in shorts and a tank top and work on my winter tan. A winter tan, you ask? Yes, such a thing exists! And I love it. My run was fabulous and I got good and sweaty. My goal is to run 100 miles by my birthday. I'm past 30 now so I think I will make it.

I finished season 3 of Mad Men tonight. Thumbs up! I think the season was closed off perfectly. I need a break from this show, so I'm deciding between Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy. Both are in Netflix. I need an escape show while I knit. Breaking Bad is on the backburner right now, although I do miss Jesse. I almost can't watch it anymore since I'm near the end of what's in Netflix.

This week is wide open. I miss my homies. I think I need a night out.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Runday

Today I ran 5 miles to try to balance all the junk I've been eating. I defiled my body with McDonald's on Friday. There was really no other option, but I still felt gross. So a long run was needed and helped me get over it.

I bought some different protein shakes today, the Special K brand. I didn't check the ingredient list. I didn't think I had to! But right before I poured it into the blender, thank God I listened to that little voice and looked. Carrageenan! Ugh! This seaweed preservative is sneaking into everything! I have an intolerance for carrageenan. My abdomen gets painfully bloated and other bad things happen. It's not good. I avoid it. But it is everywhere!

So I made my own post-run chocolate shake with cocoa powder, lowfat milk, and frozen cherries. It was awe-some! I love having chocolate milk after a run. I think about before and during my run. It motivates me!

I haven't been posting regularly because my laptop died. Actually, the charger cord got ripped by some short people who live here. I finally ordered a new one from Amazon (for half the price they were selling it for at Best Buy, but that's another post). I'm excited to get it next week because I've missed writing. I hope you've missed me, too. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So This was My Day

I love the weekend. I have the freedom to go for a long run since dh is home with the kids. No worries, no fears. I hit the asphalt and don't look back. Today I went for a 5 mile run and it was the best.

I run through my neighborhood. There is a good sized hill that I use for warming up. Then I use the other side for running down. The temperature was hovering around 50 degrees, perfect for running.

I prefer to run with music. My playlist is something I'm always tweaking to get just right. I know I've told you about Run Hundred before. I'd be lost without it! Tonight I spent some time downloading new music and compiling a new list, rearranging the current one I use.

So now I have a hip hop themed list and an alternative style list. Typically I get more motivation from the hip hop, but lately I've fallen in love with some alternative music that gets me going, too.

Speaking of going, I am hitting my old track tomorrow morning. I'm in that area for the kids homeschooling classes. I haven't been on this track for over a year, and I hate track running, so we'll see how it goes. I'm really excited to run to my new playlist! That's he major benefit from tracks: headphones. I don't wear them on the street to run, too dangerous.

My new goal is to lose 8 lbs by the end of February, my birthday, on which I will be turning 38. Yikes! Let's call it 30-great. 8 by 30-great is the new goal! Definitely doable.

What are you working toward?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Annual Checkups

Doctor's appointments for annual checkups, which led to
Specialist referrals

Amblyopia and a halo nevus, which led to a biopsy for my 11yo
Scoliosis, which needs an xray for full diagnosis for my 9yo
An undescended testicle, which requires surgery for my 7yo

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. All this was discovered over the last 3 days. Each child has a significant medical issue right now. We weren't expecting this from annual checkups. One day at a time.

These pics were taken when we were out to eat. My youngest son is a sweetie, very affectionate and thoughtful. The pic with his sister and him looks so cute, right? Yeah, well, she did not want to take a picture with him and pushed him away, making a "ew, gross" face when he asked her to do it! But we made her do it, and look at that angelic face! She has skills. I'm scared!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Here's the Thing

I've been busy knitting and finishing up a few projects. And the finishing is what I dread. I don't like lining up pockets. I don't like attaching i-cord. I don't like winding bobbins. I know these are necessary tasks, but I dread them.

I think it's because I worry the final product will be flawed. I sweat over edges, pinning and eyeing, silently swearing when it doesn't come out just so. I dislike redoing things. But that is the necessary task, too, sometimes! Maybe it's the redoing I dread. After so much time and energy invested in a project, though, I want it to be perfect.

Maybe I should stick to scarves and cowls and hats. Anything I can just  bind off and be done! Maybe I need an assistant to do all the finishing up work!

I love to knit. I know I may never become rich from selling what I knit. My etsy shop, stinkR, may always be small. That's okay. What I love is the creative process. I love getting a vision for something and choosing the perfect yarn and needle size. I'm Dr. Knitenstein, knitting and purling my creations to life.

After a full evening of finishing a couple bags tonight, I'm spent. It's a good tiredness. I'm satisfied with the final products and I am just waiting for tomorrow's sunlight to get some good pictures. I think I will reach my goal of listing 10 new items on stinkR by Valentine's Day.

On another note, I've been watching Mad Men while working tonight. I enjoy the show. The characters are complex and the dialogue is well done. But, seriously, all that sex? Let's get real, people. Don Draper was drinking and smoking all the time and probably had terrible breath! No woman's hair looks that good after being pinned up all day and then just shaken loose! Show me Mr. Draper popping a mint or Joan waking up with her make-up smeared under her eyes and I can relate a little better! I know, I know, it's not real life, okay. But I'm just saying...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Day Today

Today I spent the morning doing a photo shoot with Tyra, my mannequin. I dressed her and had perfect light outside to get shots of most of the products in my Etsy shop, stinkR. Things just look better when you see how they are supposed to be used. Purses, scarves, hand mitts, she displayed them all wonderfully! This was a major task crossed off my to-do list.

The editing was tedious. My laptop isn't working, so I did it all on my smartphone. Thank God for smartphones! But, I know it would have been easier and faster on the computer. I even listed two new items. Major accomplishment!

One of my goals this year is to get my shop going. I have the very basic shop set up. I know there is so much more I could do! I set a goal to list 10 new items by Valentine's Day and get some business cards done by the end of February. We'll see.

Homeschooling vacation ends on Sunday. I have to spend the weekend prepping. Boo. I would rather be knitting!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Off to a Good Start

This is a picture of the eyelet scarf that has been kicking my butt for the past two days. Is the pattern that hard, you ask? No. It's easy! Is your house noisy and distracting, you ask? Yes. Yes it is.

Thankfully, DH took the kids out for a while and I was able to get in the groove of the pattern. I have had to frog at least four rows today and completely started over three times yesterday. But, I want to list the scarf on my etsy shop, so it was worth it to have the scarf perfect. And I love the pattern! Definitely a repeat project.

I busted out a five mile run yesterday! Booyah! It took me an hour and that is an awesome pace for me. Towards the end, I really had to push myself and that felt good. I ran two miles today. I was racing the sun so I kept it short. I am loving the cold temps! Great running weather!

My five mile run was done in the early morning 30-degree temperature. I wore a ribbed headband I just knitted and it kept me comfortable the whole time. The headband is extra wide so it covers the tips of my ears. I really hate when my ears get cold. They hurt! Is that weird?

How did you start the new year?