Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Off to a Good Start

This is a picture of the eyelet scarf that has been kicking my butt for the past two days. Is the pattern that hard, you ask? No. It's easy! Is your house noisy and distracting, you ask? Yes. Yes it is.

Thankfully, DH took the kids out for a while and I was able to get in the groove of the pattern. I have had to frog at least four rows today and completely started over three times yesterday. But, I want to list the scarf on my etsy shop, so it was worth it to have the scarf perfect. And I love the pattern! Definitely a repeat project.

I busted out a five mile run yesterday! Booyah! It took me an hour and that is an awesome pace for me. Towards the end, I really had to push myself and that felt good. I ran two miles today. I was racing the sun so I kept it short. I am loving the cold temps! Great running weather!

My five mile run was done in the early morning 30-degree temperature. I wore a ribbed headband I just knitted and it kept me comfortable the whole time. The headband is extra wide so it covers the tips of my ears. I really hate when my ears get cold. They hurt! Is that weird?

How did you start the new year?

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