Saturday, January 12, 2013

Annual Checkups

Doctor's appointments for annual checkups, which led to
Specialist referrals

Amblyopia and a halo nevus, which led to a biopsy for my 11yo
Scoliosis, which needs an xray for full diagnosis for my 9yo
An undescended testicle, which requires surgery for my 7yo

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. All this was discovered over the last 3 days. Each child has a significant medical issue right now. We weren't expecting this from annual checkups. One day at a time.

These pics were taken when we were out to eat. My youngest son is a sweetie, very affectionate and thoughtful. The pic with his sister and him looks so cute, right? Yeah, well, she did not want to take a picture with him and pushed him away, making a "ew, gross" face when he asked her to do it! But we made her do it, and look at that angelic face! She has skills. I'm scared!

1 comment:

  1. OH my goodness Rachel.....
    Well, you have all prayers and good things coming your way.
    As long as that biopsy is negative, we can deal with all the rest right?????

    I see lots of knitting doctor appointment time ahead...
    Little boy kissing you ADORABLE!!!!!!