Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back On, Baby!

Here I am, happily typing on my laptop. Yes, the gear I needed came on Thursday and I have been busy taking care of my business.

I don't have much to report. The weather has been rainy, literally. Usually here, we only get the clouds, but we have had lots of real precipitation and I have not been so motivated to run as to go out in it. We use Gamefly, a video game rental mail delivery system, and received Just Dance 4 today. Dancing is one of my loves so I will be getting my exercise shaking my booty with the kids tomorrow.

I have been knitting and working on my Etsy shop, stinkR, lots of good things happening there!

We signed the boys up for Little League. They are on two different teams so I am looking forward to lots of knitting time during practices, as well as runs to and from the field. I love watching my kids play sports. I love cheering for them and encouraging them to do their best. Princess O is about to start gymnastics, something she has been asking for since we moved. This girl is such a wiggle worm, always kicking her legs around and waving her arms, I think she will be outstanding.

We watched an interesting documentary today, Craigslist Joe. This man devoted a month of his life to living off the kindness of people he met on Craigslist or through activities posted on Craiglist. Sounds crazy, right? If you like documentaries, this is a good one. I enjoyed seeing my faith in humanity validated. I truly believe that humans look out for one another and when we see someone in need, we help. This is a great film. He receives everything he needs from food to clothes to a ride across country. A few of the people he comes across are weirdos, no doubt. At least by my standards! Joe definitely has a profound experience that is enthralling to watch. Although, I did wonder...what happened to that bike he borrowed?

Okay, I'm off to enjoy the rest of this Saturday night elsewhere online. What are you doing tonight?

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  1. What fun you are back!!!

    Craigslist Joe sounds fascinating. Thanks for the tip. I love a great documentary.

    Let me go over to StinkR and check out the goodness!

    Im working on the pediatric floor for a few hours tonight....:)