Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Day Today

Today I spent the morning doing a photo shoot with Tyra, my mannequin. I dressed her and had perfect light outside to get shots of most of the products in my Etsy shop, stinkR. Things just look better when you see how they are supposed to be used. Purses, scarves, hand mitts, she displayed them all wonderfully! This was a major task crossed off my to-do list.

The editing was tedious. My laptop isn't working, so I did it all on my smartphone. Thank God for smartphones! But, I know it would have been easier and faster on the computer. I even listed two new items. Major accomplishment!

One of my goals this year is to get my shop going. I have the very basic shop set up. I know there is so much more I could do! I set a goal to list 10 new items by Valentine's Day and get some business cards done by the end of February. We'll see.

Homeschooling vacation ends on Sunday. I have to spend the weekend prepping. Boo. I would rather be knitting!


  1. WOw I love your modeling!!!! THe cowl is delicious!!!!

    GOod luck with the shop. I can send blog friends over.. I like the purple drawstring.........

  2. Rachel
    Please email me. ::Kathy b at
    I'd like to buy your knitted necklace on ETSY !!! i want you to send it to whoever wins my contest this week. Can you RESERVE it for me on ETSY?
    I want to be your first sale!!!!!!!