Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Yet

Well, I was so excited to get the mail today, hoping my computer gear would come, you know what I'm going to say? Right! There was no mail service today! For a good reason, no doubt, but I was disappointed. So here I am on my phone because I haven't used many words today and they are bursting out of me.

No homeschooling today, which meant lots of knitting! I posted two new listings on stinkR, another knitted necklace and an amazing cowl that I almost hate to sell. But I can make another one! I started a couple new projects and now I am knitted out. Seriously. I need a break. I know, it sounds funny. The Muse comes and stays, then flees. I'm not worried.

It is so hot here this week! I'm not complaining. I get to run in shorts and a tank top and work on my winter tan. A winter tan, you ask? Yes, such a thing exists! And I love it. My run was fabulous and I got good and sweaty. My goal is to run 100 miles by my birthday. I'm past 30 now so I think I will make it.

I finished season 3 of Mad Men tonight. Thumbs up! I think the season was closed off perfectly. I need a break from this show, so I'm deciding between Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy. Both are in Netflix. I need an escape show while I knit. Breaking Bad is on the backburner right now, although I do miss Jesse. I almost can't watch it anymore since I'm near the end of what's in Netflix.

This week is wide open. I miss my homies. I think I need a night out.

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  1. Another pretty necklace!!! Your cowl is awesome. You have priced it so right.....

    Keep on running!! good for you. YOu will meet your goal I just know it