Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Runday

Today I ran 5 miles to try to balance all the junk I've been eating. I defiled my body with McDonald's on Friday. There was really no other option, but I still felt gross. So a long run was needed and helped me get over it.

I bought some different protein shakes today, the Special K brand. I didn't check the ingredient list. I didn't think I had to! But right before I poured it into the blender, thank God I listened to that little voice and looked. Carrageenan! Ugh! This seaweed preservative is sneaking into everything! I have an intolerance for carrageenan. My abdomen gets painfully bloated and other bad things happen. It's not good. I avoid it. But it is everywhere!

So I made my own post-run chocolate shake with cocoa powder, lowfat milk, and frozen cherries. It was awe-some! I love having chocolate milk after a run. I think about before and during my run. It motivates me!

I haven't been posting regularly because my laptop died. Actually, the charger cord got ripped by some short people who live here. I finally ordered a new one from Amazon (for half the price they were selling it for at Best Buy, but that's another post). I'm excited to get it next week because I've missed writing. I hope you've missed me, too. :)

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  1. I have certainly missed your posts!!!

    Your running motivates me too!