Monday, February 25, 2013

Party at the Park

This past weekend we celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday. A simple potluck at the park with family and friends stopping by for some fried chicken and birthday cake is all she wanted. We were blessed with beautiful weather and had a wonderful time!

The kids had the run of the park since no one was there but us. There was a lot of scooter riding and playground fun. I really think park parties are the best for everyone! The kids were free and the adults were able to converse and enjoy all the good food. The best of parties: good food and better conversation. We had both!

The entertainment of the party was provided by a spunky squirrel who snatched an ice cream cup from the party next to us and ran up a tree with it. This squirrel was hilarious! It held the cup at every angle trying to get all the ice cream, even over it's head, swaying like a drunk! Finally, it was finished and dropped the ice cream cup on the ground. I have never seen that before! Good times!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keeping It Simple

Wow, this month is just flying by! I am already counting down to my birthday. Yes, even though I'm an adult, I still make a huge deal out of my birthday. Eights days to go!

The perfect birthday cake for me!

Usually I get a lot of great stuff for my birthday because it falls right when we get our tax return. I know, great timing! But, this year we filed early and honestly I'm not really feeling it anyway. Maybe because the past few weeks have been so stressful with hospital visits and getting my Etsy shop going, I am keeping it simple.

I want to get my hair cut and go for a mani-pedi, maybe get some acrylic nails put on. I LOVE having nails! I am also going to color my hair, not sure what color. Remember the black cherry color? Hm, yeah, not sure I want anything so dramatic this time. With summer right around the corner, I may go reddish, nothing too bright. I'm thinking Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman reddish-auburn. Or a burgundy. See? I'm undecided. But I need a change.

I wish my curls were this loose and lovely!
Forty is coming! Not this year, not next year, but it's coming. I need to get my act together! I want to hit 40 at full speed and make it the best decade of my life. That's the plan. I still have a ways to go. I am almost at my goal weight for this month, yay! Only a couple more pounds to drop. And the goal of running 100 miles is still a reality, but barely. I've been slacking, majorly! But I'm close.

March is right around the corner. What are your plans? Summer is the light at the end of this long winter tunnel. Do you see it? Think about it. Think about bathing suits and beach trips, endless evenings outside and shimmering heat wave afternoons. Sigh. I can't wait. I love summer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Surgery Day

My youngest son had his, ahem, personal surgery today. We got up at 4:30am and headed out. I am not a fan of waking up early, as you know. However, a surgery at dawn is preferable to waiting around all day. Right? Yes. I just made sure my clothes were ready as was my coffee. I slept in my bra, not a good choice, only because I was too lazy to take it off last night. I justified it by our early departure time, but honestly it wasn't worth it. Don't try this at home.
See this monkey? This is Mr. M's special friend who accompanied us to the hospital, right into the OR! See his great outfit? Yeah, the doctors did that in the OR! How cool is that?! These doctors chose correctly when going into pediatrics. We loved it! Mr. M loved it.
And here is Mr. M before surgery. Trust me, he looked very different after and I was NOT going to pester him for a picture. He did great, though. The surgery was successful and thank God it is over! He is happily recuperating at home, eating crackers, drinking 7Up, and sleeping. I am happily doing whatever he asks me to because I love this kid.
Good times.