Monday, February 25, 2013

Party at the Park

This past weekend we celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday. A simple potluck at the park with family and friends stopping by for some fried chicken and birthday cake is all she wanted. We were blessed with beautiful weather and had a wonderful time!

The kids had the run of the park since no one was there but us. There was a lot of scooter riding and playground fun. I really think park parties are the best for everyone! The kids were free and the adults were able to converse and enjoy all the good food. The best of parties: good food and better conversation. We had both!

The entertainment of the party was provided by a spunky squirrel who snatched an ice cream cup from the party next to us and ran up a tree with it. This squirrel was hilarious! It held the cup at every angle trying to get all the ice cream, even over it's head, swaying like a drunk! Finally, it was finished and dropped the ice cream cup on the ground. I have never seen that before! Good times!


  1. GOrgeous images. Did you knit the shawl scarf she is wearing????? I LOVE IT

    1. Hi, Kathy!

      Thank you! Yes, I did knit her shawl scarf. :) I gave it to her for Christmas. I also knitted the red headband I'm wearing. :)