Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stop Saying Tomorrow

Summer is here! We are in our second week of vacation already! We have been off and running since day one.

Right now, my kids are obsessed with a new video game on the Xbox called Minecraft. I don't get it. The graphics are old looking and the point of the game (I think) is to build and maintain your own community, like a castle or a farm. My daughter has domesticized a wolf and my son is raising pigs. Huh? Ok. I used to play Farmville a lot, so maybe I should be able to relate. But the level of their obsession with this game is mind-boggling. You want to build something? The Lego bricks are right there! You want to raise an animal? Play with the dog! She's right there! Obviously, this game isn't marketed for people like me. Obviously.

My kids are completely absorbed. Every conversation is about what they built or want to build on Minecraft. They are watching videos on YouTube of how to build things. Professor X spent a lot of time watching a video of a kid playing Minecraft. My son even saved up his money and pre-ordered the new version for Xbox when it was released. I mean, wow. They are totally into it!

I have my own summer obsession right now, running. I struggled in May just getting out the door. We were so incredibly busy with school and baseball and gymnastics! It's almost like I haven't had time of my own since before April. I had to stop making plans because nothing I planned worked out! So I am calling this summer's running "Stop Saying Tomorrow". I love that! I kept telling myself, Tomorrow I'll get to run. Tomorrow I'll do it. And it never happened! I had to assert myself and reclaim the time to run!

So, my new running routine is actually two runs a day. I do a short 2-mile morning run and a longer 3-mile evening run during the week. Then I do a 4-mile run on Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday is my rest day. I also started keeping track of my calories with Lose It again. If you think you know how many calories you are consuming, try keeping track for a few days. You might be very surprised!

I mentioned to DH that I think I need (emphasis on need) new running shows. I'm getting blisters and shin pain again. Plus, these shoes are so big and clunky compared to what Nike is currently putting out. I decided to start a shoe fund for myself by saving $20 a week. Let's see how long it takes me to get some new shoes!

I want to be healthy. I saw someone on Instagram using a "Fit By 40" mantra and that resonates with me. I would love to be maintaining my goal weight by the time I'm 40. How about you?

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  1. You are doing so well!!! Your twice a day running is mind boggling!!!
    I am recording on Myfitnesspal. You are so right . WE eat way more than we think we eat until we record it.

    As for the kids, well this too shall pass. My kids were obsessed with THe ORegon Trail game when it came out 10 years ago. THeyd walk into the kitchen and say, "Well mom you died again"

    Be happy they are happy. IT sounds non violent and like you have to use your brain a bit so that' enough for me!