Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Gluten Free Adventure Begins

I keep reading that a Gluten-Free diet is especially good for people with Hashimoto's disease. I've never been one to follow a fad diet. Well, except for that 1-month Atkins no carb craze that everybody tried. I mean, seriously, bacon every day? Oh, yeah! Anyway, I'm not into organics. I eat at McDonald's a few times a month. I love coffee. I'm just not down with any special kind of eating. Until now.

Going GF (gluten-free will now be referred to as GF) was a lot easier than I thought. GF food has come a long way since the first diagnoses. Many major brands, like Frito Lay, have an extensive product line of GF food. Yay! I love Fritos. I see GF hot dog buns and hamburger buns. There's tons of cereal and granola bars that are GF. I can Google GF recipes and hundreds of pages and blogs pop up. It's not hard! And the food is pretty good.

One thing you should know about me is that I love pancakes. LOVE. I eat them with syrup, with just butter, with strips of bacon cooked in them, any which way. I love pancakes! I also love waffles, pancake's quicker to make cousin. My kids love waffles, too. Imagine my disappointment upon going GF that I could no longer eat waffles for breakfast. Tragedy! After a few days of feeling so deprived I headed to Sprouts, sure that I could find a mix for them, if not a box of frozen waffles GF. Success!

This morning I was ridiculously excited to be eating Van's GF Apple Cinnamon waffles. So good! Toasted nice and crunchy with a pat of butter, heaven! I should mention, though, they are a tad expensive. For a box of six waffles, I paid about $4, yikes. But it's an investment in my happiness and well-being so it's worth it. I noticed, too, that one serving of these waffles was over 200 calories, which is not something I would normally eat for breakfast. I like to have a lot more calories from protein for breakfast, but to eat these waffles, I might only eat some fruit with them.

Going GF as another side benefit that I'm enjoying for now: I don't have to make dinner. My DH is cooking dinner for himself and the kids, bonus! At least while I get my own recipes and food figured out. Shouldn't we all be eating GF if it's healthy and delicious? That would be easier for me. I don't want to cook two dinners. Even more than that, I don't want to cook food that I can't eat it! He made Italian sausage subs last night that smelled so good my mouth was watering! I don't eat processed meat or mushrooms, though, and didn't have any GF buns, so whatever. I had cereal. It sucked. That just shows I need to do my homework and get some GF dinner recipes!

So what's on your menu today? GF or not I would love to hear about it! I'm hungry.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, Whoop-De-Doo

Happy New Year!  A little late, but nonetheless. I hope you had a great start to 2014.

We are back to homeschooling today. Yay for the routine! I'm happy to get started again. Our vacation was very busy, but we were all sick for the last half of it and that was no fun. Life goes on. Here are some highlights.

(This is more of a lowlight) My hypothyroidism is in full swing and I checked in with my doctor for higher meds last month. My thyroid disease is Hashimoto's thyroiditis and there are so many issues involved. It's an auto-immune disease which means my body is attacking itself. Nice.  I found out I am headed toward high cholesterol and prediabetes. Ugh!

Jigga what? That cannot be right! I eat right! I exercise! My thyroid has other plans. Dang it! I am becoming that which I swore to never become: organic. Yes. My first step is going Gluten Free.  I am doing what I always do and reading everything I can to help myself. I am Gluten Free as of last week. I am taking six different vitamins a day. I have upped my exercise time to 60 minutes instead of 30. I'm doing a walk/run interval instead of just running so I can go longer. Changes all around.

Honestly, it has been a week Gluten-Free and I do feel better. It's worth the effort. I am starting out with some cereal, bread, granola bars, and tortillas all GF. I am eating a major salad with chicken breast for lunch. I am chugging smoothies after I walk instead of just milk. I haven't prepared any big dinners for myself, mostly chicken breast and veggies like sweet potatoes and salad. I am making a stir-fry tonight. I don't feel deprived and my body is losing that bloated look. Success!

Here are some other interesting things.

For homeschooling, we just started a unit study on Island of the Blue Dolphins. Please tell me you've read this amazing book! I read it many times when I was younger and absolutely love it. I'm hoping my kids will enjoy our time with it.

I watched an intense documentary on Netflix and I encourage you to check it out. "Blackfish" is about the killer whales at Sea World and it will blow your mind. No, it's not a behind-the-scenes documentary. It details the incidents of killer whales attacking trainers and why OSHA forbids Sea World to now have any trainers in the water with the whales. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole thing! Big thumbs up!

Maybe a suspenseful documentary isn't for you. How about one of my favorite genre, independent films. "Girl Most Likely" is a must-see. I am a big fan of Kristen Wiig and she really shines in this movie. I laughed so much during this one! You have to see it.

Have you seen anything good lately?