Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the Verge

So, here I am, late thirties, facing major life changes, heading into the vast unknown. We are moving in about 50 days. We have no jobs, a couple promises of help to find jobs, a fabulous place to stay, and a whole summer to get the kids ready for public school.

That's right. I am hanging up my homeschooling hat. The kids want to go to school. They haven't made many new friends since our previous move 2 years ago. We don't want them to be lonely and relying only on their cousins, so we are letting them go to school. Yikes. I'm nervous. I want to know they are ready. The ONLY way to know they are ready is to let them go. At least they will have the whole summer to make friends at church and other places before heading into the classroom.

Usually at this time of year, with standardized testing behind us, we are skating through the end of the year with unit studies and book reports. Not so this year. I am determined to finish every page of the math curriculum and give them heavy doses of grammar as a final preparation for the classroom. Some work may be done through the summer as well, something I abhorred but now see as helpful. We'll see.

On the job front, sigh, well, here I go again. I do have a job right now, one that I love, coaching homeschool PE classes. If we weren't moving, I'm sure I would be promoted next year and still be happy. But, we are moving. I am once again on the job market and it looks a little better. I have two people poised to help me get in somewhere. If I've learned anything about getting hired it's this: you have to know someone. So I know two someones and I'm feeling optimistic.

Healthwise, I am doing great. I have fibroids removed last week and feel like a deflated balloon. Could those fibroids have been the cause of most of my woes for the past few years? Yes. I was told, 8 years ago, that the polyps would come out with the baby I was pregnant with was born. Not so. These polyps have been growing and multiplying for that long. I couldn't be happier and more excited to get back to my exercise routine! Finally I feel like I have a fighting chance to make this body look like I really do workout. Finally!

Big changes all around. But we're excited!