Monday, June 30, 2014

Settling In

The view from the deck
Well, we made it to Washington. The road trip was horribly long. We've made the drive many times, but doing it with a 96 Toyota Corolla was an added stress I could have done without. The car made it though, against all the odds and advice! I think we are Toyota customers for life now. He drove the Corolla, I drove the van, and the kids were sleeping. We made it to our final destination after a total of 21 hours on the road. We stopped overnight, 10 hours of driving after waking at 4am, and I still felt like I was moving.  It's tough not getting a break from driving. We drove for another 10 hours the second day, through the Oregon mountains and forest, very isolated and very stressful. I kept praying, Please God don't let the car break down here! When we reached our destination, I won't lie, there were giddy tears and laughing for a few minutes as we hugged and said, "We made it!" I will always count that road trip as one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

I got a job! The second week we were here, I applied for 16 jobs. 16 jobs! Out of those, I got 4 interview requests. I was on the verge of accepting a job at Macy's, a place I dreaded working, when I made a final, all-out effort to get the job I really wanted, barista. I applied online, went in and talked to the working baristas, called the store manager. I was persistent! And it paid off.

The local grocery store has a Starbucks kiosk inside that my sister and I get drinks from when my family is here on vacation. We joked that it would be a good place to work: close to the house, coffee, and a discount on groceries. Lo and behold, there was a job opening and long story short, I got it. The interview was barely a minute long, I was hired based on my resume. Imagine that! The next day, I was training. The day after that, I was behind the counter wearing my green apron and black Starbucks hat.

I have been working a few weeks now and I love my job. I enjoy greeting customers and chatting with them. I enjoy the challenge of being on bar and making the drinks. I clean and even take out trash, no problem. The other baristas are all younger than me and female, love that, too. We have a good time working in the kiosk. Isn't that what you want to be able to say about your job? It all seems unreal to me. I'm so thankful to have this job at a place a I love.

Cooling off after our first walk in WA
My fitness goals have been on hold since April. The Surgery and The Big Move were my priorities. But, we are right down the street from a brand new Y with a track, pool, gym, the works. I'm so happy our membership transferred. Pretty soon I'll have a new goal and hit it hard. For now, while my DH still searches for a job, we do what we can together. Mostly he takes the kids to swim while I'm at work.

This is a gorgeous area. I wake up to the tide in the bay and Mt. Rainier in the distance. I watch the clouds racing past. By 10pm it is barely dark, plenty of daylight to soak in after work. The pace of life is slower, a big adjustment. Life is good.