Monday, July 14, 2014

In Limbo

I'm a certified barista
Sometimes I look at the circumstances I'm in and I wonder if I've hit the lowest point. Or is there still further to sink? My job is not generating the income we need. I have a line on a new job, but no control over getting an interview. My DH is job searching still. We believe moving was the right choice for our family. We are still waiting to start our new lives. We are in limbo.

Waiting is difficult. Being patient does not come naturally. Where is the open door or window? It's impossible to see. Sometimes you are just standing in front of the door or window waiting for the person on the other side to get their act together and open up. DH had an interview scheduled for today. The interviewer called in sick. He has no idea the turmoil into which this threw DH. Waiting for other people is the worst. You have no control.

We are taking advantage of this time with each other. This is the most time DH has ever been able to spend with the kids. He's outside practicing baseball, football, and soccer with them. He's watching TV and playing video games with them. He is redeeming the time.

I am working and making the best of my barista job. Starbucks is a fun place to work. I really enjoy most of the customers. Most of them. Not all. Definitely not all. Some people are simply rude. Some people are condescending and rude. Some people are idiots. Really it's a mixed bag when it comes to the customers I can't stand. The fact that I'm a 30-something, mother of three, working because I have to, is not public knowledge. These terrible customers treat me so poorly that it makes me laugh. If they knew my life, would it be different? Maybe not. But this experience have absolutely changed the way I view minimum wage workers and anyone in food service.

The view is amazing here. The trees and water, the fresh air and changing clouds, all point to the Big Move as a right decision. My sister and her family, coffee and Cokes, marshmallows at the fire pit and crabs on the beach, all point to the Big Move as the right move. I don't doubt it.

We are waiting for our new life to begin.
Enjoying the evening

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