Saturday, October 31, 2015

Countdown to the First Term

I start school at CSU-Global online in 9 days. Woo hoo!

Nothing is ever as easy as I hope it will be. There was the inevitable financial confusion. Will I get financial aid? (yes, but only after you fill out numerous forms and deal with tax return info) How much will I get? Enough to cover all my costs? (yes, no, maybe so...wait, we need another form). I had additional costs to cover after the financial aid went through. How do I afford this?! I applied for and received tuition reimbursement through my employer. Ahh. Done. But I missed the start of the September term. I was fine with that, though. It was better to wait for the employer approval and be patient for a few more weeks than sacrifice the financial benefit of having the tuition reimbursed. Definitely a great lesson in patience.

I rented my textbook already, just to be a little ahead of the game. I've gone all through the Student Portal and familiarized myself with the library and many other resources available. I even have the syllabi printed out for my first two classes, thoroughly read and partially memorized.

I experienced some panic the first week I made the ultimate decision and signed the registration form. While watching a movie with my family, I suddenly had a flash of "I won't be able to do this anymore once I go to school". I had a lump in my throat and a vision of myself locked away studying for the next two years while my family had fun without me. What have I done?! Sure, this will help us financially and open the door for college for the kids, but what have I done?!

The next couple days after that were tough. I had to remind myself that I am a good student. I'm no dummy! I always made good grades. I did online schooling for my transcription training and graduated with honors. My family is supporting me. This degree will benefit us all. I can do this! I can do this. Deep breath. I can do this.

I spent last Saturday researching time management for online students. I made notes and lists galore. I felt better. I bought a $10 desk at Goodwill and set up my study area. I arranged my electronics with their chargers and added a couple plants. Today I am going to put up some motivational pictures. It's an ideal location in my bedroom in front of the big window. It's almost perfect.

Nine days. Deep breath. I can do this.