Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hello, PowerPoint

I have never had a reason to learn how to use PowerPoint. Until I went back to school. Usually my teachers offer an option to create a slide presentation instead of writing a 5-page paper. I write the paper because I don't know how to make slides and add an audio track to it all. Sigh. I have one class starting next week that requires a PowerPoint presentation. So here I go.

First, buy a book. Check. Thank you Barnes & Noble coupon. Next, read the book and make some slides. This is the part I'm working on now. Seriously, my kids use this program at school all the time. How hard can it be? I'm going to find out.

On another note, we went to Goodwill today. The store was way too busy for me to really dig in and shop. How do you shop at thrift stores? I always go in with a mission. I know what I'm looking for, work clothes and shoes. Today when I went in I realized that the Spring fashions are rolling out and I didn't know what the hot colors are! Clothes shopping here is completely different than in SoCal. I have to research the trends. I googled Pantone Spring colors. It's not my favorite palette,  but at least I had a guide. I found one item a lined, peach, Liz Claiborne skirt for $5. Score!

As I'm writing this, I keep thinking about how much I have to prep for the new school term starting Monday. I've looked over the syllabus for each class and I'm a little nervous. One class has three chapters of reading each week. The other has at least one. In addition to discussion board posts, critical thinking papers, and quizzes, this term will be a challenge.

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