Thursday, March 3, 2016

Working Sucks

It was just another one of those days at work. I am unhappy at work. I won't use my blog to complain. I need a positive personal outlet and this will be it.

This week I am in between school terms.  My nights have been spent watching Netflix and eating snacks. It has been wonderful. I'm currently addicted to Filthy Riches, a reality series about people who make money out in nature by getting dirty. I love watching the worm diggers fighting turf wars and raking mud for worms. I'm jealous that they are completely in charge of their hours to work. I'm sure the mud probably stinks, but these guys look so happy. A big thumbs up for the series!

My taste in coffee has changed. I cannot stand drinking lattes and mochas with all that milk. My standard order is an American, usually iced. I crave espresso. I want it strong and dark! I may add a shot of cream, but that's it. Does coffee preference mature? I order the seasonal drinks at Starbucks, but they're usually too sweet. I feel like an old lady.

The last thing I want to do is live a life full of regrets. I need to focus more on life outside work. I can't let work hours outnumber personal hours. How do you balance work and personal life?

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  1. Mostly it's a mental game for m BUT I work out, hike see and cook as an outlet for my stress.we eat VERY. Well when I am stressed. I also have my kids help me with household stuff. At 13 & 17, they can help.